The importance of protecting animals

14670899_1402816556402629_1659111564406058311_nThe soul of an animal is simple and pure for all of the same vibration to see and appreciate it. In many ways they are a lot more in touch with the real world, without the complications of the head. They are just heart and pure love. Look into those eyes and tell me what you see. I see compassion, intelligence, understanding, wisdom, kindness, love, but also sadness, hurt, doubt, fear and suffering. Blessed be the soul of all living being in the universe.

We need to protect life and animal life, as well as plant life. We must do our best to preserve our planet for future generations and for our own living conditions.

Much love

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3 Responses to The importance of protecting animals

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  2. Deanna Bollo says:

    Absolutely right. We’re at a turning point in our lives to save our planet and ourselves. For this we need massive compassion and ethics. There must be an awakening of the absolute right Animals have to life and nature. The horrible ‘biblical’ notion that they are here to serve us is brutal and medieval. The notion that, what we don’t see or acknowledge, is not happening is cruel and irresponsible. Through our love and sharing we will rise to our full potential as humans and civilization. It is now the time to give another ‘giant step for mankind’ for our Humanity and duties to love protect and respect all sentient beings.

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