Donations Needed Urgently

Dear friends,

I have been going through the most horrendous time of my life for the past 8 weeks. It has been one catastrophe after the other, including: illness, moved home twice (and still not happy with the second place), in this area people are making money by purely lying to others. I have never seen anything like it. My work is also hellish, again it is not what I was promised at all. My beloved cat has been ill for one week, and she has still not completely recovered. My partner’s mother passed away two weeks ago as well sadly, so we are both in dire need, besides the fact that we both have jobs… it is still impossible to keep afloat wtih the bills and having had to move house twice and not seeing my deposit back yet after almost two weeks. It has been very difficult to keep upbeat, however with SaLuSa’s return in my life, I do feel that things should change for the better.

In the meantime, so that I can basically eat, I would appreciate any donations at all. I will be very glad to offer you a reading of course ! Please click on the image on the right hand side for donations or click on the picture below.

With all my heart, thank you if you can support me in my greatest time of need, if not please send love and happiness our way. I have died in a previous life as an alcoholic with young children in the streets and I do fear that I might end up that way if this dark cloud continues to pursue me.

ps: just in case you are wondering, I have not received any donations in almost one year.

Click on the photo below to donate:


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3 Responses to Donations Needed Urgently

  1. Marilyn Layne says:

    I just tried to send a donation and you link is not user friendly.  It should be set up where your information is automatically pulled up not that we need to search for your name and fill it in.  Do you have another link I can use.  It might be why you haven’t received any donations. God bless,Marilyn

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