Twinflames, Take a Day out.. or two !

sun-leaves-green-leaves-background-blue-sky-sun-sunshine-sunrays-trees-43547538We live in a world of doing, seeming, appearances and pretense.
We keep forgetting who we our during our day, we get caught in doing, performing, acting, associations about the past, planning our future, etc…
It is important to make room and space for our life within during the day, but especially at the start and end of the day.

We feel guilty at times of not doing enough around the house, or are caught up with children, we always think that we should be doing or saying something.
Twinflames! Take a day out ! Take a rest, a breather, sit in the sun and lazy around just with yourself and perhaps your favorite pet 🙂
Savor the moment, the day, your body on the planet.
Meditate, daydream, drink your favorite drink and just BE !
You will probably meet your twinflame in your wonders and make contact through other dimensions, sort things out together and see what you are at.
Just take the time to relax deeply and do what we do best ! Vibrate in tune with the planet and with our twin.
Lots of love
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5 Responses to Twinflames, Take a Day out.. or two !

  1. Simon Tandy says:

    Wow!!! It’s like you just answered the question I awoke with this morning.

    I awoke with many questions/thoughts/dilemmas as to be best to stay in contact with my Twin, who is in higher 5thD, and after I’d say and got pretty confused after 30 mins of trying to hard to get some clarity, I chose to give up for a while and check my emails.

    The. I saw this! It is like you anticipated my head spin and told me how to Leo we’d, how to cope. It’s like you wrote this for me! Just, wow.

    And Thank You! ❤️

  2. Simon Tandy says:

    Please excuse the many typos!
    I wrote it on the go lol!

    I hope it still makes sense 😜

  3. Margaret says:

    Dear Laura – you do write the loveliest things! I really needed what you wrote today, and it is so true. Thank you.
    This is my second message to you Laura. You must tell me if you don’t want to hear all this. I don’t talk about it very often.
    My twin has been giving me songs since he contacted me two years ago. At first it would be when I got in the car and put the radio on, and he would say to me ‘this one’s for you’. The first one was after he told me that we looked the same, we were the same, we were one. That one came on the radio and he said – this one’s for you – and it was : Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now! I could not believe it when the DJ on the radio said: that one’s from Starship! Because by then, I thought I knew who my twin was. And now I know he is.
    More recently I have been getting songs as I wake up in the mornings. One of them is : All The Love In The World by Dionne Warwick. As I came back to my body I could hear it playing, and as the lines played
    All the love in the world won’t take me away from you,
    My love is stronger, I am what you made me,
    All the love in the world won’t take you away from me,
    In all my wonder, I’ll forever lay down here with you.
    When I heard : I’ll forever lay down here with you, I opened my eyes. On the pillow beside me was a mass of blonde hair! Only for a split second, but it was so clear!
    He has been with me 24/7 since he came back to me two years ago, and often brings me back in the mornings. I haven’t seen him yet except as a shadow when he bent down to kiss me one evening. But he is always here. We often talk. He tells me that he will never leave me and will be with me always and forever. I have certainly never been loved as much as he loves me, never ever. He calls me ‘his precious one’.
    He said he was coming to live with me and he takes perfect care of me, just as he has all my life. I just didn’t know it was my Twin saving me from a dire situation many years ago. And from other situations I have found myself in. Having never heard of them, I had no idea what a Twin Flame was!
    There is a lot more to this story, Laura. But enough for now!

    Lots of love,

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