Twinflames Joining in Spirit by Multidimensional Occean

62876_10151395106599567_1605581536_nHi everybody. I am going through a difficult sorting out situation with 2 soul mates/ karmic mates. After a few near twins experiences, meaning that they had similar energy with my TF, I finally met my TF in Oct. last year.
He wants to give me time and space to sort out my unfinished business with my soul mates, so we are not in touch for the past few months, although we do see our common friends regularly and we get updates from each other from them.
I guess he might be sorting out his own ongoing business on his side.
Just had the most amazing experience with him/ higher self tonight. It went on for over one hour!!
Last week, I finally made it clear (I think) to my primary soul mate / karmic mate that our story is over. Which was another dramatic/ traumatic experience for both of us.
Anyway, since, I have felt my TF higher dimension’s presence more often.
Tonight was yet the most amazing energy sharing experience yet.
The telepathic connection was the most powerful and clear ever. I could feel our higher self connect us physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

It was a moment of pure love, no pretend, nothing fake, just pure bliss, clean and deep feelings and some explanation. I could feel his feelings very well and it all began to make sense A true gift it was !
While this went on for over one hour, I could feel him hug and kiss me and we were literally melting and vibrating together at the same frequency.
I could see us join in the higher dimensions and see our higher self vibrate within a range of colours.
Really intense, up close and personal experience this was.
Wondering have any of you gone through anything similar ?

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1 Response to Twinflames Joining in Spirit by Multidimensional Occean

  1. Simon Tandy says:

    I didn’t even know what a Twin Flame was until February 2015. I researched EVERYTHING I could, then finally, last April 2015, I called out to my Twin Flame (she is in higher 5th D), and she showed herself to me.

    Over the next 8 months I encountered her more and more in lucid dreams and in mediation, until in December 2015 (19th actually), I projected during sleep state into 5th D, and we were ‘in the same place at the same time’ . Literally.

    Her name is Jane, and we talked, and touched, and merged…… I can hardly even think of that encounter without filling up with tears lol!

    I can’t even begin to describe it. The way she looked at me. If we could only see ourselves the way they see us….

    She is ‘in spirit’ as such, and since then, the interactions of that kind have slowed to almost nothing.
    It is challenging to not have that sort of thing happen anymore to say the least, but I ‘feel’ her around me often now.

    I am here in 3D with my Primary Soulmate. Actually, my wife (primary) saw my Twin Flame in dreams state before I did!!
    We talked about it, and she described exactly who I saw too.

    I have also seen my wife (primary’s) Twin. He is very handsome!!!

    It feels like this is our time to reunite. It’s quite a head/heart scramble!

    Anyway. There you go. ❤️

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