Part 2 Twin flame versus Primary soulmate by Multidimenisonal Ocean 14th August 2016

meeting-your-twin-flame-290x150Someone asked me how does one recognise the primary soulmate.

I have said a few things in the first part of this topic (click here: )

In addition to that I would say:

that this love theme between you can be present in your life for decades, without you actually having a love/ sexual relationship.

It is more on the romantic side, but definitively is sexual – not necessary 3D sex, but can also be higher dimensional sex relationship, which by the way are a lot more powerful and significant than 3D sex.

The feelings between you are as close to eternal as possible, as such they don’t go into the negative side of things. You may feel infuriated by this person on rare occasions, but your loving feelings for each other are so deep, that love between you cannot be broken. It can evolve and grow, and you can make room for other relationships for each other’s growth, but the love between you is ALWAYS THERE.

A very deep and powerful connection and familiarity with this person.

There can be a bit of an ego trip related to it, and a power game / struggle.

There can be a deep sense of possession and jealousy. This may lead to a stuck situation between you two for years. For example one may want to reunite or get married, but the other might prefer to remain free and experiment. This may leave the other bitter and resentful, wanting revenge, or to imprison the other primary. A certain sense of control is present.

This is your best support and companion on the ascension journey, but it is not what you might expect. Meaning that you or him might want to outgrow the relationship and grow even more in consciousness. In the past there might have been a sense of competition.

Your heart and higher bodies connection is almost perfect.

You read each others’ mind and feelings, desires, etc.

You have extra-ordinary events happening when you are together. You might have seen each other’s chakras, heart. You might feel destroyed when you leave each other, literally…

You feel a deep love, loyalty to each other, you know each other deepest and darkest secrets, wants and needs.

You might recall several lives together as lovers, married couple, parent –child relationship. You have experienced many deaths together and might even recall some of those lives.

You will not hurt each other, at least if it happens it is for each other’s growth, it is never for malicious or vicious reasons. It is a hurt that is meant to put us on the right track, to help our own healing and growing.

Your love for each other can be pure, and light and shinny, but it also has a very strong element of attraction, mystery, mysticism, esoteric sense.

It can have a hate – love side for a few years. Eventually you will outgrow this and forgive each other all of the past mistakes and misunderstandings.

There might be a strong karmic residual to resolve between you in relations to other people. Meaning the people who got hurt by one of you in past lives.

There is usually a ten year gap between you two, at least. Sometimes, there can be even a bigger age gap.

You have recognised one another when you first met. It felt as if your heart missed a few beats.

When you are together it is like being in paradise. You fully support, understand one another and worship each other.

There is a sense of total devotion for each other. You would literally give your life for this person without a second of hesitation.

You would kill to protect this person or to avenge this person.

So now, why is it that some people would need to let go of such a person again ?

Ah, yes ! You probably have connected with your twinflame, and you feel that it is that time in your life already…

What I am saying here is for twinflames, but it can also be applied to any normal relatinoships. After all, there is a very very minute part of the population that has a twin flame.

What does it mean to have a twinflame anyway?

It means that you are one and the same soul, spirit, higher self. You just chose to split in two parts at your life-planning. This is done so that you can do double the work on Earth.

Twinflames have one and only one mission on this planet: to help ascension. So it is more balanced for an evolved and ancient soul to do so from the masculine and feminine perspectives, and from different locations on the planet, cultures, religions, backgrounds. Ultimately, they are meant to help one another by coming together in this life and complete each other.

They are very different and opposites in fact, but with the level of consciousness that they have, reuniting is not a major issue.

Depending on your life- plan agreement, you may have chosen to come together in this life or not. Usually, however, real twins need to reunite on Earth in order to complete their full ascension. It is not possible for them to ascend on their own if they are meant to reunite in this life. This has a very very heavy consequence on your ascension, but it will all come to you in good time, when you are both ready. So please don’t feel pressurised into finding your twin and getting together.

Be cautious, because of the major differences between your Earth incarnated selves, twinflames must become very high on the consciousness levels in order to actually have a relationship and live together.

The main point is to understand that you are both two complete individuals and must allow for your own differences and independences. Allow for space and time between you, don’t ever try to rush things or to cling to each other. Always allow for space, freedom, independence, unconditional love between you.

You will see all the perfections of your twin, but also his or her weaknesses and what he or she needs to work on in order to ascend.

This is very similar to a relationship with a primary soulmate, the major big differences are:

This rapport initiates and evolves from the heart.

You can see the flames burn for you in his eyes, litterally he goes on fire for you almost and also you can see his heart burn for you ❤

There is a very strong sense of remorse if one is unkind to the other. This can go into a very painful state for your feelings if not addressed in good time.

The feelings for your twin are otherworldy, even more so than for your primary.

Usually there is a sense of recognition when you meet, but much stronger that with your primary. It may not happen on both sides at once, but it will in a matter of moments.

You know each other deeper secrets, you can actually see them, and live them with the other.

Your feelings will never go negative towards this person, in fact your feelings for this person are otherworldly, indescribable in human words. Suffice to say that tears come to your eyes just by thinking of this person, for no apparent reason. These can be tears of true joy, compassion and love.

Your feelings for this person are not selfish and based in the ego.

You can literally not do anything that you know would hurt the other twin. If you ever did so,  it would break you and you have the feeling that it will not be reparable, and that you would have to pay a huge price for it.

The heart connection between you two is something that you have never experienced before, and this from a very early stage. The heart pull is just unreal and amazing. Again, it is nothing to do with being selfish or possessive of the other.

You might have met your twin at a time when you gave up on true love, so to speak. In many ways, a sense of being rescued on some level is present and real.

You have a huge sense of gratefulness towards your twin for existing and loving you.

You feel very humbled around your twin and only wish to serve your twin in the most supportive and loving, caring way.

Your twin is the only person on the planet who has a total understanding of you, of your needs, of your heart and desires.

You feel a very strong BURNING in the heart if something is not understood about your twin, or if you hurt each other. This burning of the heart is present a lot between you. There is a different chemistry to your being together.

Your higher-self inhabits both your bodies when you are together with a lot more ease than when you are apart. This changes both your physical appearances. You are both 10 or 20 years younger in appearances when you are together. The physical transformation is very visible to you and to everybody else. Only your twin can have this effect on you.

You feel totally devotion and worship towards this person, same as with your primary, but even more, a lot more extreme and stronger.

You wish for this person to set himself or herself totally free from the human condition, and will go any pain in silence and secret for this person to achieve his highest possible level of consciousness.

Your relationship, even on a friendship level is pure, unstained, always happy when you are together. It is always a truly joyous event.

Since childhood you have been attracted to men or women having the same face, eyes or hair colour. The same face shape and features. In fact most of your relatiionships were about bringing you closer to your twin on a physical, emotional, mental level. You might notice that your most recent lovers look like your twin, or speak like him or behave like him, or have the same star sign perhaps. All this time when you were in a relationship, you were truly looking for him, in men or women that were like him in some ways.

You might recall him or her from higher levels of existence, other dimensions, before you separated to come to Earth, or when the other was guiding you from above.

There is an element of going back to when you were children, this level of innocence and purity between you. Free love and not hanging on to small disagreements or things that would have upset you coming from someone else. But with your twin, it all seems ok and forgivable, in a supportive way.

Where all other men or women let you down, this person is holding you up and not letting go.

When you feel hurt, in pain, or have doubts, especially about your relationship with your primary or other love interests, you always turn to him or her in higher dimensions for love, support and comfort. And your twin always delivers from the higher dimensions, as well as in 3D most of the time if he or she is free enough to do so.

He or she is always there to try to help you, support you and sees your needs, and attends to them as lovingly and discreetly as he or she can.

You feel drawn to this person from the heart and it spreads to all dimensions, all levels, and all over your body. It is like a flower that grows and blooms with love, care and compassion.

This person knows all your past lives, your past failures, your regrets, your crimes, the lives you have lost, your history. For people who are very conscious this can be seen consciously, if not it happens so fast that it can not be caught on time by the ordinary mind.

Your coming together may take years, it usually does. Just let go of expectations and go within. Think twice before doing something foolish that would hurt your other half. Because he or she WILL KNOW any mistakes and “faux pas” that you make, and you will ultimately have to respond for it to your twin somehow.

You are always connected in the higher realms, you can always feel his or her thoughts, presence, love even when apart.

I hope this helps clarify the role of your twin flame.

Baring in mind that it works more or less the same with ordinary relationships, which are there to prepare us for the arrival of our twinflame or of our primary into our life.

Much joy to all


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3 Responses to Part 2 Twin flame versus Primary soulmate by Multidimenisonal Ocean 14th August 2016

  1. Margaret says:

    Dear Laura. I have been reading your posts for more than two years, as I much enjoy reading what SaLuSa has to say. I have also enjoyed reading all your posts about Twin Flames. I know I have a Twin Flame as he contacted me telepathically in April 2014 saying: ‘Life is love, and living is for loving. I am with you, I am yours’. That was all.
    He spoke to me again in December 2014, when I was looking at a picture, apparently of him. He said: ‘We look the same, we are the same, we are one’. That gave me the clue as to who he was. Shortly after that I went for a reading, which was quite dramatic. I was told that this person had come to me like an angel, and that he was my Twin Flame. My favourite description of what a Twin Flame is, is that by Saint Matthew.
    I will continue reading your very enjoyable site Laura, and thank you for sending your posts direct to my in-box!

  2. KAT says:

    The story of my life.
    Accurate to every single word.
    When I’ve started to read the beginning I thought you’re talking about ‘ primary sm’ and I felt little disappointed ( thinking He is not who I thought ) until I got to ‘ ‘ What I am saying here is for twinflames, but it can also be applied to any normal relatinoships. ‘ ‘

    Deep inside I know. I’ve never felt this way before.
    And I would probably never open my eye when we were together.

    Through the darkest days and ripping off layer after layer .. and begging God to take away my soul , my life , my everything.
    I’ve recived an unexpected invitation to my surprise. Inner world has opened that gates for me.. days , weeks , months , time stopped. The marks on my body appeared.
    I am starting to remember. . slowly.
    Everything changed – not on the outside. Still seeing people hard asleep..
    But the Love I am giving is coming back in double.

    Thank you so much for this site. I am hoping to read more in the nearest future. Have a wonderful evening . Love. K

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