The light is within – Message from Higher Self from Multidimensional Ocean 13th August 2016

d00dc0f7a259d5251b982d70073e17f4The light is within. You always look outside, around, listen to the outer world, get taken by it, by the dreams it supplies to your head.

The only thing that matters is now, go within, as there lies all the deeper answers.

When you feel lost, confused and lonely, we ask you to stop what you are doing. Stop and take in the breath of the world, but take it from within. Take it from your tuned and weighted presence; take it with a few gentle breaths. The breath gives you life and strength to carry on, when your head tells you that you cannot longer endure. Feel the air enter your lungs, come in through your skin, we are all connected, here and now.

All dimensions and all beings are in this together. We look at you struggle on, battle on, although many of you already believe this to be a lost cause. While others place themselves so far above your world that they are hardly part of it any longer.

You, as incarnated humans are our front line lightworks, you give us hope and strength also. We cherish your work, we stand by your side when you cry alone, when your emotions make it impossible to bare the burden.

The light that wants to live inside of you is often shut out because you are not available to welcome it.

We hear your cries for help, along with the other life forms, and Mother Earth’s quiet song.

We are here to heal your heart when it can hardly go on. Remain open to the light from time to time troughout your day. The light can travel fast and far, to any place, any time and any dimension. You are that light, let it shine through your body, let it teach you from within, let it guide your steps, your movements, your gestures and your words.

The light can tell anybody anything from above.

Let the light within and it will help your daily life, it will help Mother Earth on her Journey through dimensions.

So be it.

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One Response to The light is within – Message from Higher Self from Multidimensional Ocean 13th August 2016

  1. Simon Tandy says:

    Yet more synchronistic help ❤️

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