Twin flame versus Primary soulmate part 1: your primary soulamate by Multidimensional Ocean 12th Aug. 2016

josephine-wall-oil-painting-569-6-1024x768Hi everybody! Time for the summer romantic twinflame / primary soulmate articles to come up.

Here is one of the ways one can differentiate between primary soulmate and twinflame love.

But first shall we clarify what is the role and function of your primary soulmate.

You have no secrets for your primary soulmate, and this causes a strong discomfort in many cases. You may experience at first the following things:

  • You are just not able to speak to that person, this can go on for years.
  • An unusual shyness around him or her.
  • You lose track of time around them
  • You just cannot function any longer in the usual and normal way when they are around.
  • You feel that your primary soulmate picks up on everything that you feel and think.
  • You may well feel that they would criticise you if you behave the way you usually carry on when they are with you.


You may wonder the reason for these.

As years go by, you will hopefully deepen your relationship with your primary and things will eventually become normal for you. This can take some 10 to 20 years easily. At times, the connection will be present as if you never left each other.

So… who is this person for you ?

This person knows you very well, almost as well as your twinflame, because you have spent many, many lives with this person as your most trusted husband or wife. You have shared your bed for many lives, through many epochs, you had many children together, being with that person feels just right. If one of you is married to someone else, you will feel as if the other person usurped your other half.

However, things are planned from above, during pre-life planning and believe me, if your primary is married, he or she does not have to drop their marriage and children to run back to you. No ! No matter how tempting it will be for both of you to drop everything and everybody behind just to be together again. No matter how many fantasies of being reunited you may both experience, and no matter how many freaky coincidences your respective spouses may have with you. It does not mean that their marriage is the devil’s work ! All is in perfect harmony and designed to make you move along the consciousness evolutionary road.

Your primary in all your lives has been the person who offers you most resistance, and the person that you have loved the most across destiny and time. He or she has helped you evolve in consciousness for eons on this planet and you share a bond that can never be completely truly broken. NEVER! That’s right! No distance, no person, not even death can EVER tear you apart. Nop, nop, nop! This is the reason why when you are in each other’s presence; it literally feels as if the sky had just opened above your head. And in truth it has! You help each other access higher levels of consciousness, and one of the best way on our planet to do that is to use sexual energy. Hence the very intimate relationships that you have shared through a string of lives and what seems like an eternity compared to a single human life. This does not mean that you need to have physical sex with your primary, but you can experience all of those on a higher level. This will contribute in both your further awakening. So, no need to file for divorce just yet! You may decide to do so eventually, but do so only if it feels absolutely right FOR BOTH OF YOU and preferably without hurting those around you.

This is why, no matter what you do, you two will always feel a very strong attraction, sexual connection, kundalini experiences, sexual trances, dreams, etc, etc … All of those experiences through all your lives together, all your deaths, your extended families have given rise to a variety of true love feelings and otherworldly experiences. These are unique experiences and the feelings will never disappear between you.

However, in the story of your life will have to let progressively go of your primary as your lives and consciousness level progresses, in order to make room for you and your twinflame to reunite fully in this life.

The extra-ordinary experiences of love, trust and unconditional love with your primary will give rise to much confusion, joy, love, but also pain and sorrow at times. This person is here to bring you back to life in a way, and enhance all your higher centres and senses. It is an addictive kind of love, a form of dependence which is very powerful and overwhelming. This strong dependence on each other and true love feelings would have given rise to some karma to develop if one of you had been hurt by a third party in a past life. Whoever had harmed one of the primaries would have suffered the full wrath and revenge of the other primary. This could have led in the past to murders, crimes of passion, suicide, madness and worse atrocities. This love is so strong and powerful that life without the other makes little sense. The pain of such a loss is worse than losing a parent, a sibling or a child. It is as if though all sanity has been removed from you, as if your emotions were destroyed and torn, and life without the primary is a living hell. Knowing that your primary is in a relationship or married to someone else is minute to the extent of the devastating feelings of permanently losing him or her. These emotions are very overpowering and can lead to madness, self-harm, desire for revenge, etc.

As a direct result of that, the separation from your primary in order to reunite with your twin can be a long healing process. This is because your primary and you may still have to work on balancing out the lives of those you have hurt in the past, in order to earn the right to reunite with your twin. For example, in this life, your primary may be married to the person that he or she has murdered as a result of your direct loss. Your primary might be married to the woman or man that has murdered you and your child in a previous life. If you were murdered by this person in a past life, your primary would have committed a murder on that person and now has to pay for it in one form or another. This is what I mean by balancing karma out in this life. I guess this makes less and less sense by now ? Oppps .. sorry if this is too confusing. However, I hope that you understand the need for karmic balancing in this life.

You will notice that the primary soulmates love is very much centred around the sexual energies, which has given rise to strong dependent feelings for each other. It is however very much a relationship very much based on sex or sexual experiences for mutual growth. The greater growth, the more amazing sexual experiences shared or via the higher levels of being.

Now, next time, I will continue with how the Twinflame can help unblock this situation for you and your primary !

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    Thank you very much Laura

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