Message from Sirius – Multidimensional Ocean 19 June 2016

Dear Friends from planet Earth.
I am Shakhaar from Sirus, on mission on Earth.
I am here to work with various spiritual groups on Earth in a human body. Just like you I am on a mission from Earth. The difference with some of you is that I get to go home to Sirius soon, as I am here for a short period of time only.
I have integrated a human body as a child, as the being inhabiting that body no longer wished to assist Earth as a lightworker. So I am a walk in as you would say. As my mission comes to a close, my time on Earth is limited and comes to an end. I am glad to go home again, and all the preparations for that journey back home have already been made.
One day many of you will rejoin your brothers and sisters from the Sirian alliance of planets. And yes, the inhabitants of our planets have various forms. I am human like, just like SaLuSa, but we can take various shapes and forms once we have ascended. Some of us like to appear in blue coloring.
We find it frustrating to work within the limitations of a human tridimensional body, but we can come of out those human bodies any time and so can you all. The difference is that we can do it consciously and control our astral bodies, while many of you let your astral bodies wonder aimlessly because of the limitations on your current level of consciousness.
Some of us have chosen to help Earth Ascend because we fell the need to reacquaint ourselves past lives on your planet and to reconnect with some of the souls that we deeply cared about. In a way, while it is not karmic duty of any kind, some of us see it as something of a reparation, or an opportunity to set things right and to correct past mistakes.
At this point in time, many souls on Earth undertake a similar journey of love, as indeed they have come back for the soul purpose to guide loved ones and family through this final journey of growth. Humans have no limitations in terms of spiritual growth, and this is why we have worked on your DNA for many generations. We wanted a body that could evolve and grow as much as time allows it.
Let me say that part again, many of you have incarnated for the soul purpose of being of service to past incarnations family members or to those who have touched our heart. We have come here because we understand the importance of Earth’s Ascension in the Universe.
In order to allow this to take place, try locating within yourself areas that still need healing and allow that part of yourself to express itself in whatever way it chooses to do so. Just sit back, and observe your memories unfold, let it speak to you as it were. Those memories can take an intellectual or emotional form mainly.
When you meet someone new in your life, even if it is for a few brief seconds, just observe what gets triggered inside of you when you meet and what aftertaste it leaves you with.
This is a time of the year when you can allow your soul and feelings float above you as it were, just be present as long as you can to witness what is actually taking place.
Please remain open to all possibilities, allow what needs to take place, indeed take place inside of you, where it should.
The Sphinx is originally from Sirius, we have that symbol very present in our lives there. It is present to guide us in the spiritual world and to guard us when we sleep. Our cat on both our planets are there for that purpose. Cats are spiritual beings of the Earth. They can see through human souls and heal them.
I am Shakhaar from Sirius and wish you many blessings.
Channel: Laura Twinflamesmatters Multidi

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5 Responses to Message from Sirius – Multidimensional Ocean 19 June 2016

  1. Vikki says:

    Thank you Laura for sharing you gift with us. Thanks to Shakhaar for his message.

  2. vendo4151 says:

    Great channeling Laura! …. Lots of interesting tidbits there, especially the the walk-in thing, and the cats thing, and the allowing expression thing. And even the meeting someone new part.

    All good stuff, … nice job Laura

  3. Sarah Martin says:

    Laura, are there any updates on the rescued passengers and crew of flight MH370? Since, I learned that it was the Sirians who saved them, and then allowed the empty airplane to crash into the waters off the west coast of Australia. Thank you dear sistar!

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