Why is it called a Twin Flame ?

Hi guys, just wanted to share my experiences about my twinflame.
1 – this is the only person that I fell 100 % connected and understood. While we might not agree on things and have different experiences, and ideas about plenty of things, we always deeply understand and love each other in a way that nobody else can.
2 – we met for the first time at a spiritual weekend. At some point he was staring at me looking at me with litterally flames in his eyes.
3 – the most interesting aspect in fact and also the most singular is that burning sensation that I feel for him, and only for him. I have often wondered what was meant by the term twinflame, why was this term used, and what had flames to do with it ? Well apart from the obvious allusion to passion etc, the flames is a very real thing. It connects us, in a timeless way. There is no sense of being apart, no matter the circumstances or distance, communication by email or phone or not… The connection is always present and well.
The flames do exist and are very real between twinflames. It burns and cleans and heals us from past lives experiences. Although at times it can be difficult to experience the flames, their role is a positive and healing one.
Please share if you have a similar experience

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