Hi guys ! I am wondering if any of you have seen your twinflame go on fire (figuratively of course), but i mean so madly in love with you, that you can almost see the flames coming from his heart and soul burning of love for you?
I only had this experience with my twin flame, other men came close to this state, but not quite so much.
I wonder is this specific to twinflames to have this kind of love that burns and cleans the soul ? When his being was burning in the flames of love, I was able to see in his soul, who he is/ was and what he means to me.
Have you guys felt something similar perhaps ?
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5 Responses to Question

  1. Ron Laswell says:

    In the fall of 2012, I had met a younger woman through FB, and over the phone, and we began talking daily for hours. One day, I was sitting there talking on the phone with her, when I heard, and felt my chest literally opening – like someone opening a cabinet door. A small bright white orb with a wing on each side came out of my chest, and flew off in the direction of where she lived (which was 138 miles away). It was so vivid, that I took it as a ‘sign’ of our love – well, mine at least – for each other! We met shortly after the Mayan Calendar ended, and have been together since. I was 64 at the time, and have wondered why I had to wait so long in life to find a partner who loves me fully for who I am, and her likewise. In some ways we are very different, and in other ways we are very similar. There is always a strong sense of ‘heat’ between the two of us.

  2. Sarah Martin says:

    Sorry Laura, apparently my twin flame is on the planet Palares, he is a Pleiadean, I’ve only seen him in a meditative state. Here on Gaia, I’ve only been able to have relationships with soul-mates. I’m not happy about it, but that’s the way it is for now.

  3. Thank you for sharing your stories dear friends ! I have read them with much delight!
    Yes, the white orb makes sense, I have seen bird like colored flying objects come into my primary soul mate. so it makes sense to me.
    Relationships with soul mates can be almost as powerful as with the TF. so, don’t be sorry. I am sure that your TF enters your soul mates bodies from time to time in order to be with you.
    Much love.

  4. jlcmom says:

    once he looked at me and bright white light shone out of his eyes

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