Double Nature – Double Love intersts

Human beings all have two natures: positive and negative, spiritual and material, darkness and light, love and disharmony, old and new, past and present.
I have now come to realize that it is only “human” to have feelings for 2 beings, rather than one under those circumstances. Both sides of us get to have a say on the elected person of their heart.
Add on to that all that has to do with karma / unresolved business and we can now understand why marriage and monogamous relationships are such a difficult things. Twinflamesmatters

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4 Responses to Double Nature – Double Love intersts

  1. vendo4151 says:

    I wonder if there is really a problem of dichotomy of the heart, or rather a matter of rediscovery at hand. Like rediscovering the depth and breath of our soul. Like finding your way back home.

    Hi Laura, hope all is well. Your post here reminds me of a beautiful old classic song that speaks of the paradox and longing of the heart.

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