About Twin flames incarnating in different waves

I am getting this : “twinflames do not have to incarnate together in the same waves, it depends a lot on your life mission and on the upholding your role. It also has to do with what you, and your twin have to individually work on in order to grow, and how you can both best help ascension and vibrations uplifting. contracts are put up together … and usually one of the twins would come down earlier in order to “prepare the ground” for the other twin. This is done in order to help the 2nd twin in the achievement of personal failures of the twin in previous past lives. So the 1st twin help manifest and GIVE (litterally) to the 2nd twin all the was missing in previous lives and that made the 2nd twin suffer such a pain that the soul cannot heal on its own, such a pain that the soul cannot deal with it … so the 1st twin needs to help the healing of that past “

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