On love and procreation by SaLuSa and Higher Self – by Multidi Ocean 19th July 2015

Cole_Thomas_The_Voyage_of_LThe true love between two human beings is one of the most beautiful events that resonates throughout the entire universe. When those two beings are from planet Earth, this is a event that is even more special to the angelic realm, because of the difficult circumstances that this planet and her beings are facing for the past millennia and more.

The souls arising on that planet are blessed and cursed at the same time. They are blessed because of the amazing and extreme experiences that they are given the opportunity to have while on the surface of the planet and what a journey they manifest while incarnated on this amazing planet.

They are cursed on the other hand, because Earth is a little like a prison among other beings of other planets. It is an isolated planet, where divine light rarely sees the day among the vast majority of beings living on that planet. Many souls that live on that planet are trapped into incarnating on that planet over and over again, until the reach a high level of consciousness and understanding, and until their karmic heritage is cleared. It is not the case for all beings on that planet, but it is the case for a majority of them.

A few other beings have decided to incarnate there in order to experience it all, but once they have entered the karmic cycle there, there find themselves confined to many incarnations on that planet.

Because of the rulers of that planet, there are many things and events that take place on Earth, that would not be tolerated on other parts of the galaxy and on other planets.

This is the reason why we rejoice when we see true conscious love rise from planet Earth, as that light is being transmitted far into all the galaxies and it shows that good souls still exist on your planet.

When two beings love one another, and those souls do not have to be of opposite sex in our views in any way, there is a build-up of energy that blends in all and everything that surrounds those 2 people. This energy is on its own a living entity, it has a moment of birth in the higher realms, it has moments of growth, and it has its own life. This love energy is very tangible for those of you sensitive enough to feel it. It incarnates both beings in love, it lives in both of them, it links them, and unites them. After a certain time, the resonance and vibration of this energy spreads to other beings and things that evolve around the 2 loving beings. Once it has grown enough, it usually manifests in the material world as a baby, it can incarnate as a special friend or special pet, or in a plant also if having a child is not a possibility.

Children born from such a union already exist in the ether and in the higher realms as perfect beings, they incarnate here to help rise the planet above the required vibrations in order to set the planet free from the cabal that has been ruling it for thousand of generations already. They already have many levels of existence, many levels of consciousness, and are usually psychic and ultra-sensitive. Their emotional intelligence is far above the average, and already have an innate sense of what true love is. Those souls are very fortunate, but find it very difficult to adapt to the planet’s general population, because of the lower frequency that runs through them.

Learn to love all that exists around you at all times, and to appreciate the differences in all beings please.


Much love

SaLuSa and Multidimensional Ocean

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8 Responses to On love and procreation by SaLuSa and Higher Self – by Multidi Ocean 19th July 2015

  1. This is so beaitoful said, thank you so so much my beloved SaLuSa, Laura and Laura’s HS. Love you ❤

  2. Ups, typos, it should have been ‘beautiful’ ❤

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