From Me to You – personal update 28 June 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

I wanted to share what has been going on for me for the past few weeks, especially as I have not been able to channel for a few weeks now. This is due to the fact that both my parents have cancer and my grandparents have very serious heart conditions.
On top of that intense work has been going on for the past 2 months in my workplace. So a lot of stress and worries in other words.
Sadly because of various reasons, my family and I all live in different countries, so I don’t even have any comfort of seeing them in their last weeks or months on this planet.
I am sharing the above because I cannot help noticing how many of the people that I know from the internet have passed from cancer over the last year, or have discovered recently that they have cancer, or have a loved one who has that terrible disease.
It got to a point where I noticed my health deteriorate as a result of the constant flow of bad news every time a family member would ring me. The shock of such continuous bad news had a very strong grip on me and it still has of course.
As a result of this I have started looking into the causes and the possible cures for cancer. I came across a lot of good information, which has certainly resonated with me, and I have posted on my multidimensional Ocean website a few of those links in order to share with those also affected.
It is in our own power to lead a healthy life as much as we can, and frankly we no longer have the luxury of choosing to ignore our own health.
I encourage everybody out there to look at alternative sources of treatments, sometimes as simple as changing your diet.
Of course the best cure is prevention, so make sure that you know what you put into your body as much as possible and what affects your body.
Everybody has cancerous cells, the thing is that they are managed by our own immune system when we are healthy.
In order to prevent such a disease I am trying to watch what I am eating. This means for me reducing my milk and meat intake, reducing my sugar and white flour intake. Increasing the amount of organic fruit and vegetables that we eat, and eating raw vegetables.
Doing more exercise, taking in more sunshine, making sure to make time at least twice a day for about half hour meditation and trying to come back into a state of balance regularly throughout the day.
I also try to make sure to use my mobile phone and other electrical devices as little as possible and to keep them away from my body and switched off as long as I can. This is because I can feel the impact that those devices have on my body, I can feel my brain hurt when I am on the phone, I can feel the electricity run through my fingers and my bones when I hold a mobile phone or an ipad. When I use my laptop, I use a box so that it does not rest on my legs.
I also am careful of not leaving near electrical power cables and mobile phones masts.
I have also noticed that I using deodorants gave me some health issues, so I have stopped using them (I use lemon, or crystals instead now) and no more health issues.
Reducing my sugar intake boosted my immune system and it also helps me feel better.
As to our cat, she had been vomiting occasionally, and we realized this week that she only vomits when the gardening people spray herbisites in the garden, so she is no longer allowed go out at the moment, no in the back garden at least where it is everywhere.. I wish they stopped spraying, as it goes into the house as well, and we inhale it.. anything that kills is not good. It should be forbidden to use those chemicals as they are highly dangerous and carcinogenic both for humans and for pets.
Those past 6 months have been really stressful for me, and I am now coming to terms that my dad’s cancer was caused by medication and my mum’s cancer coming back is probably due to the chemiotherapy she had 15 years ago for breast cancer. She always used deodorants several times per day, besides me warning her against them.
Both of them could have been healthy now, and enjoying retirement abroad and in the sunshine, but this is not happening at all, mainly because of medication and chemical products.
My mum had her 5th chemiotherapy in the past 3 months and they managed to spill the chemiotherpay product on her chest, so now on top of everything else, she has chest pains, burning sensations and a tennis ball size swollen node on her chest and burns.
Please be aware of chemical products in our tap, in the air, in our toothpaste, even in our toilet paper (over 100,000 chemical products in toilet paper alone).
Eat and drink chemical free as much as you can, wash your clothes and dishes with bio / organic washing up products and liquids and rinse them well.
Take care of your health, because we only have one body for this life and we need to look after it, as there is a point of no return for all of us concerning our health.
Please protect plant and animal life, as there will be a saturation point from which we will not be able to recover if we continue to ruin and exploit the planet as we have been doing.
We are all responsible for our own choice, decisions and we cannot afford to be ignorant and passive from this point on.
Much love.
Laura Multidi

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6 Responses to From Me to You – personal update 28 June 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean


    Hello my dear friend Laura

    I send a big hug from Mexico and annex Druvalo Melchizedek message , very encouraging for these difficult times for humanity …. It is in Spanish but you can use the google translator …


  2. Mara says:

    Thank you Laura for reminding us all of the importance of taking care of our bodies and being careful about what we put into it. I’m sending you love and light to help get you through these difficult times. ❤

  3. vendo4151 says:

    So sorry to hear of the situation of your parents Laura. Many years ago I lost my father to a very aggressive and untreatable cancer that took his life only 7 weeks after he showed any ill signs. And two years previous to that, my mother pasted due to a stroke that I was sure at the time was because of medications, which where prescribed initially for one thing, and created other conditions requiring other meds, which created something else, and more meds. It was a nightmare.

    There are so few people left of adult years who have not been touched in some fashion by cancer. Like an avalanche off in the distance threatening everyone. ……. “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible”
    – Voltaire

    Wishing you love, faith, and strength. And better days to come Laura

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