Thought of the Day 29th May 2015

Listen to your intuition, especially when you wake up during the night and first thing when you open your eyes in the morning… there are many messages in those few short moments for us… and a lot to learn and to act on. It will point out at what preoccupies you and worries you. It will show you glimpses and snapshots of your self and of what challenges you!

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7 Responses to Thought of the Day 29th May 2015

  1. Vikki says:

    Thank you for your insites and intuition. I especially thank you for your Salusa channelings I feel a closeness with him and love hearing what he has to say. Thanks again have a nice day.

  2. Vikki says:

    Hey again. I wanted to ask you about your readings. I have never had a reading and I am curious about what kind of things they tell. I would like to have one sometime but I m a little nervous. Thank you for responding.

    • Hi again Vikki!
      If you wish to do a reading, please state clearly the question (s).
      Also, please make a donation by clicking on the donation button on the side bar. it is with paypal, so it is safe.

      Much love

  3. Vikki says:

    Thank you. Now I know what to do when I am ready. I will have to think about what I want to ask

  4. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Intuition is a gift available to everyone, if we acknowledge it’s presence.

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