Time in 3D and in 5D – Message from the Arcadia Pleiadians channelled by Multidimensional Ocean

images (5)The universe is an unconceivably vast space, filled by many stars, suns, planets, forces and wills at play. Many energies meet and cross paths in the universe. The size of this vast space is unconceivable to the human brain and still challenges some of us. To us travellers of wormholes, crossing galaxies, energetic barriers and universes, it seems natural to understand that everything in this vast existing multiverse is connected; it is self-explanatory to our senses and understanding. We comprehend the influence that suns and planets have a great influence on one another. We understand and see the forces invisible to the human eye. We deal with solar events, with galactic phenomena and black holes, dark energy and matter on a routine basis.  

We are connected to others beings consciousness, even if they are not materialized in our own plane of existence. We sense their feelings, thoughts no matter the size or the level of consciousness of those beings. We include the consciousness of a fly on planet Earth, of the Taxikan lion of Medrow5, the will and power of the sun on your solar system, and at the same time the will and power of our own sun, of the Sirian sun. We can hear the voices of all the Universe’s planets at the same time and feel the energetic influx travel through planets, suns, and living beings.

It is really terribly difficult for the human mind to understand that conception of human time being infinitely small in terms of the scale of the universe, planets, suns and of the multiverse. It all functions according to very fixed and set of physics laws, of quantum and relativity laws, along with other natural laws that the human mind cannot comprehend. It is difficult to put this into words for our channeller to understand and communicate to you all.

Many of you now understand that everything is connected, and by that we literally mean everything is connected. But not only on Earth! It is connected to everything that goes on in the multiverse on a massive scale. Everything is connected on a multiverse scale, which includes parallel universes. It does not mean that human lives do not matter; it just means that we are speaking on a very, very different scale when we speak in terms of human life time scale and in terms of planets, suns, or cosmic time scale.

The point of this message is to try to better explain why time is a concept that we do not comprehend very well. As ascended beings, we can mainly only consider the whole picture, and the scale of that is on a scale of the universe. Human lives are equivalent to seconds on the planetary scale and to much less than the equivalent of a second to the suns and to the universe.

Many of you feel impatience towards ascension, and awakening, do not worry yourself too much about the timing of such things, as the timing dictated by the Universe and universal forces is the only timing that can dictate of such matters and that is the decisive, event making scale. Cosmic alignment and universal laws are the laws that dictate what, when and how events will unfold on your planet. It has always been so and it can be no other way.

For ascended beings, the concept of time is very abstract and a very 3D unique concept. In reality, there is no such things as “time” for ascended beings. What you call time is a series of events that succeed one another. From another perspective, for us there is no time, because we perceive much from the present moment. In the moment, all is possible, and all unfolds at the same “time”. It is just an eternal moment. We rarely need to make reference to such things as time in our immaterial world. We can even travel through time. For us things happen when it is the right moment, in terms of planetary bodies for this event to occur. In simple humanly put terms, you cannot eat a meal before it is cooked. The “time” required for cooking a meal is relevant on the cooker used, on the ingredients of the meal, on your power source, on the force of the power used to cook the meal, on the size of your oven or cooker ring, etc … As you can see, time is something that can be very suggestible, depending on a multitude of other factors, even when it comes to something apparently as simple as cooking time. You can amplify those variable by a couple of billion billon “times” in order to have a vague idea of what requires for an event of cosmic scale to be aligned in “time” with all the other variables.

We hope that our message has helped you comprehend the notion of time from our perspective.

In love and peace.

The Pleiadian Arcadian Collective

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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