Auroradreamflight for 2 – 4th May 2015

bigbangbriangreene500Auroradreamflight for 2 – 4th May 2015
We wish to see many of you onboard for this long weekend. We know that it is difficult to go on a dreamflight journey and to resume work and normal life the following day after you have had some revealing experiences during the dreamflight.
For this reason we do not always send an invitation out to all. However, you are still welcome even if there is no leading message.
We usually make arrangements during the previous dreamflight for the next one. It is all done while you are with us onbaord via your higher self.
You have got to understand that your higher self and your ordinary self lead two very different lives. Your ordinary self being very rarely aware of the higher self.
The Higher Self exists for many humans, or rather beings in human form. This also implies that there are being in a human body, born within a human family that are not in actual fact human. They are here to develop a soul, and to try to grow a heart and a consciousness. There are some of those beings around you. The type of people that seem heartless, and not connected to feelings at any moment. They only have an embryo of a higher self if any, and the higher self and higher heart is being grown and developed on your planet through a string of re-incarnations, in order to grow and widen their experiences.
This goes on even with humans at some level. when they are working via spirituality to develop their own consciousness and work for ascension.
The dark ones are also constantly setting up traps as it were for human souls to be reduced and contained. In other words there is a dehumanization plan at play. This plan is set to remove the love and consciousness from your daily routine. It would be a useful exercise to try to recognize what those traps are for you. Only then would you be able to set yourselves free in truth. Once that you can see and recognize what labyrinth your soul is getting trapped into and how. Only you can set yourself free by seeing those traps and avoiding them.
There would be much to say on this topic, but many of you would be rather shocked to read this here. so the best is that you join us on board tonight and experience what keeps you trapped and how you can set yourselves free.
We look forward to this weekend’s Aurora mission of self discovery.
Thank you. Adrial and SaLuSa

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