Readings Available for the next 2 weeks – Multidimensional Ocean

images (5)Hi guys! having a few days off work! so i decided to do a couple of readings as it is the type of work that I enjoy most!
Drop me a line at if you have any questions please!
Would love to help and to be of service to you.

about the fee:
it depends on the question and on the reply received.
Sometimes I have no answer, meaning that i would not charge.
I usually hope for a small donation if the reading is short and if it is useful to the person who asked the question. It depends on what the person can afford, and on the urgency of the matter dealt with.

What I usually ask people is to ask the questions if it is an email, and if i get a reply, I email back saying  that i have some information for them, if the person wishes to know the reply, i email it to them, and they are free to make a donation in their own time, and of the amount chosen, what ever it is that they consider fair according to what they can afford and how useful the info is to them.
Obviously I am relying on people being honest and making a donation as soon as they can.



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5 Responses to Readings Available for the next 2 weeks – Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Hi Laura could I have a short reading will send a donation when done.Have not had one in over a year
    hugs suzanne

  2. wolfke74 says:

    Hi Laura , so nice to hear from you. When I was reading this post, my xparanormal detector gave me the word “anthony” don’t know if it mean anything to you. Love Lisa

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