Message from Higher Self 11 March 2015

The truth about human nature is that it is a double nature. This is for the simple reason that humans are made of two parts: one that has a material body in 3d, that is from this Earth, made of elements from the planet, attached to a human family, to human values; the other part is not of this world, it is eternal, and its home is the star of our solar system. It can outgrow our own solar system and travel to other galaxies, and live for close to an eternity when compared to the length of a human life. This second being, many identify as the soul, has experienced many lives, very often on multiple planets, it had many lovers, children, parents, friends and enemies.

This is the part that “remembers”, this is the part that we must to be more in contact with.
Being in contact with it is a shock for many humans, it is embracing your own true existance, your own identity. This identity unfolds through human life to you and is to be discovered.
Sometimes one can experience a deeper contact with that eternal self. When this connection occurs, our deepest feelings are touched, and connect with our ordinary self and our ordinary mind. In that case, our ordinary self acknowledges the contact, and tears can result out of this. Those are healing tears, the tears of recovering your own identity, of embracing your own past and present, and seeing the higher perspective, if only for a few fleeting moments, barely identifiable to the ordinary mind.
Yet something is touched, something is changed inside, if only on a subconscious level.
Be blessed my friends when you experience those deep moments of connection with your higher self.
Much love.
Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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4 Responses to Message from Higher Self 11 March 2015

  1. ellen says:

    Thank you ❤

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