Heart transplant cases a message by Aster 25 Feb. 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

6a689c2180207803e4bb31040403b3e1Laura: Yvonne asked about the consequences of having a heart transplant. Could you please tell us something about what it means for the higher self?
Aster: yes, of course. In the case of a heart donation, the energy of the donor and of the receiver blend in for a long period of time. They blend in, which means that both beings work together for some time in the higher spheres to help make the heart organ compatible with the patient receiving a heart. This of course takes place from the higher dimensions of existence, where both higher selves of both beings work together to make things compatible from a higher self point of view.
I have to point out here that there is no such things as a coincidence from the higher levels’ perspectives. Take the example of blood or kidney transplant, in those cases there has to be a compatible genetic-like marker. Two blood types can not be mixed in the one being, kidney donor that are in the same family are the most compatible. In the same manner, from the higher spheres of existence down to the physical, for a heart transplant, this works exactly the same.
Let me put it that way: it is no coincidence that a certain donor is found for a person at a certain time, it is no coincidence of both are compatible on the physical level, it makes sense then that both higher selves work together towards a common aim, a common good together. This can come from karma, from higher dimensions family trees, twin flames and soul mates, past lives connections, same planet, similar life learning aims, etc…
Once the transfer is completed, the higher self of the deceased person is assisting less and less, to eventually almost totally leave the receiver’s higher self on his or her own.
From a physical perspective point of view, the new heart will within the space of a few months’ work as well as if it was the original heart. This is taking place once the energies have blended in entirely with the receiver.
The energy of the donor will always remain present on some level, but it is blended in with the receiver’s energy from the higher dimensions.
The feelings and emotions of the receiver will feel different at first, but the receiver will get used to the new energy and it will work well once well-orchestrated from the higher realms.
Don’t forget that the human body is a vessel of the spark of God, it is inanimate without the life and energy force of Source.
With all our love in all and always. Aster from Cydonia on Mars
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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