Peace and beauty of the heart – Message from Aster by Multidimensional ocean 24 Feb 2015

imagesMany people believe that the heart is simply this organ planted into your chest, that it does very little except for pumping your blood around your body. But in fact it does a lot more. It helps you see and feel when you are lost, it helps you navigate the moodiest waters, it gets you out of trouble, it sees dangers and reacts to negativity. The heart is the most precious organ that we, as humans have. It cannot fail you. When the heart links with the higher self, the alliance is so powerful that nothing can stop it, quite literally. This is why there have been many numerous amounts of efforts to kill the human heart, as part of it resides in the physical realm. The heart is also linked to the soul, so it is a way of getting your soul itself paralysed if they can put the heart under some kind of hibernation. It also removes elements of the soul, and it renders the higher self quite unusable, as it is no longer possible for the higher self to reach to the ordinary head through the heart.

So you see, my friend, why the cabal is attacking the human heart by trying to enslave it, in order to neutralize it and plunge it into a state of deep freeze. Just like in the Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale.

Fairy Tales in general have a base in the reality, in the higher reality that is.

Keep your mind on them and they will teach you many things. This is why they are read to children from a very young age, so that they touch a part of their consciousness that knows, that is still pure, in order to help them being prepared for their adult life.

Many good wishes, Aster from Cydonia on Mars.

We are with you every step of the way into your awakening journey and we walk among you, on Earth as avatars.

We shall speak of this some more in some future communication.

From Mars, we salute you.

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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3 Responses to Peace and beauty of the heart – Message from Aster by Multidimensional ocean 24 Feb 2015

  1. ellen says:

    Wow Laura how cool is this!! And thank you, Aster! 🙂

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