Caring and loving – A Short Message from Source by Multidimensional Ocean

12=1There is always a love connection deep within everybody’s heart, even when one is not fully aware of it. The love connection often comes from higher realms, via the higher self, and via non-incarnated beings of love and light.

The connection is easily felt throughout the day, provided that you, yourself are grounded within and connected to the higher spheres consciously. Consciousness is key to love unions. Love is easily felt from one being to another, it happens automatically in our ordinary state. This is why we feel a natural good disposition toward some people, and not so much towards others. It happens very quickly on a subconscious level.

When you are connected to the inner life force, you can feel all the love inside and around you. Being connected to your inner life force brings peace, love, and joy to the soul. It brings you clarity, force and direction in your life, as well as a sense of serenity. You no longer can feel alone, lost, or afraid when you are connected to Source.

Source connects all souls to itself, it is like running water, it is unstoppable, it is present everywhere, within your body, and all around you. Be at one with Source always and in all that you do, and you will feel the joy of being connected to the entire universe.

Be blessed

From Source

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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4 Responses to Caring and loving – A Short Message from Source by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Unfortunately, ever since I have changed my perception of reality here (and a release of my anger and also seeing the blatant attempts to censor love and internet content by the hands of our controlled government) I have become less happy for some reason. It is like a hopelessness that has been close to me for the last five years now…
    This is not a oneness with Source, but rather the opposite it seems. I am confused as to what has come into my soul. I thought that it may be karma for past behaviors and beliefs…
    I have also received death threats on line for discussing or forwarding information regarding the Lies of NASA and chemtrails that are everywhere in our skies, and Crisis Actors / Staged Events …

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