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Have a wonderful Aurora Dreamflight

Wishing you all a wonderful night, and if you are going on the Aurora dreamflight, I hope that you will have a very revealing session! Love is everywhere around us and within us! don’t forget that folks! It is what … Continue reading

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Aurora Dream Flights this weekend! 27 – 29 Feb 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi guys! I am hoping to be able to go onto the Auroradreamflight this weekend. To be honest, I stopped doing them for a while, as I was too tired and busy during the week and weekend. Another reason why … Continue reading

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Heart transplant cases a message by Aster 25 Feb. 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

Laura: Yvonne asked about the consequences of having a heart transplant. Could you please tell us something about what it means for the higher self? Aster: yes, of course. In the case of a heart donation, the energy of the … Continue reading

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Dizziness 2

After channeling Aster again last night, I felt dizzy again in bed… very interesting. it looks like it is linked with channeling Aster all right heart emoticon

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Peace and beauty of the heart – Message from Aster by Multidimensional ocean 24 Feb 2015

Many people believe that the heart is simply this organ planted into your chest, that it does very little except for pumping your blood around your body. But in fact it does a lot more. It helps you see and … Continue reading

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Dizziness ?

hi guys! had a little of a strange experience last night, nothing scary, or anything, but I wonder if any of you had experienced anything like this before: I channeled a message yesterday that I called a message from Aster. … Continue reading

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Who is SaLuSa to me – Laura Multidi Ocean

Hi guys, someone asked me during the week about my relationship to SaLuSa, and I wanted to share it with you all, as this may be of interest to some of you: “this poem has nothing to do with SaLuSa … Continue reading

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