Message from GFL at UN summit – Winter Solstice Message by Multidi Ocean

hey, yes, so I just got a message, while having my dinner now.. that the GFL is condemning a lot the American’s illegal wars all over the world, the killing lists, the killing of innocents expandable civilians, the senseless death of innocents, the death of innocent women, children,
the UN promised to put an end to that and bring the whole situation under control
to the GFL, the GFL feels that the situation has gone too far out of control
they dislike most of the US action, provoquing countless innocent deaths
GFL not apporvoing of US politics on killing first, and asking questions later
the GFL encourages TALK , not killing at this point in time
The UN favores GFL recommendation, but agrees that implementation would be difficult and long
GFL insists that killings must stop, and that TALKS must be the new US / UN policy on the international front

GFL recommends TALKING to suspected terrorists, no longer to kill them
GFL would like the public opinion informed of the reality of secret killing lists, and that civilians should be involved, transparency should be demanded by public
especially as they are paying and financing wars all over the world with their taxes, they are entitled to have a say in how their money is being spent
importance of independent media is vital, media not working for those in power
media not corrupted: is necessary
GFL acknowledges the difficulty of the situation, as it is a huge tangled web
importance of meditations for peace
importance to spread real imforamtion to the masses and to sensibilze the general public about the wars and the huge money spent on this
end transmission for me.
channel: Laura Multidi

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