Twin Flames Breaking the Walls of Limitation

Twin flames meet, and may even be friends, lovers for some time. Some even marry and share their lives together eventually. But if you are anything like me, you would probably like to know more about twin flames obstacles and what keeps them apart.

Most of the time, another person is in the way, or even two other people might stand in the way, or at least it would appear that way. Do not be fooled by illusion when it comes to twin flame love, it is a very real love, in fact the most genuine love that can ever be on the surface of the planet. It is stronger, greater and more genuine than the love of mother and child, it is a physical bound, as strong as the one between mother and child. It is the purest kind of love, and a truly divine and blessed one. 

However, the obstacles in the way may be unsurmontable, in the real sense of the word. The difference in cultures, age, distance, or other people can all be part of the picture.

However, the good news is that once you have met one another, it means that you are ready to meet, and to have a heart to heart union, even though it may not be a physical one, or at least not at the start of the relatinoship.

Some of those obstacles might in time be falling, or they might just be there to make you realize what you represent for one another, and how important your relationship is. It can take years for both twin flames to share their lives, and in the process of coming together, a lot of what makes one uncomfortable about oneself will be revealed to oneself, and also to the twin flame.

You will have no secret for your twin, and he or she will have no secret for you either. Your twin flame will look through you as if he or she can see right through you right into your soul and your most guarded secrets.

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