Twin Flames Tail – 15 November 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

event_252690572The intensity that twin flames experience is difficult to describe. It is a need to connect and rejoin as the one soul. It feels as if the soul is split up in two parts, and also as if you have two lives, two families, two hearts.
At times the need to reunite is very powerful, and it feels as if one can no longer go on living in a separated state and life style.
It transcends physicality, sexuality, any love relationship, it encompasses everything and all types of true, genuine love.
Twin flame love knows no barriers, no taboos, no cultural, no social frontier, no fear. One experiences true love, compassion, and passion, all at the same time!
The challenges that have to be overcome along the process of reunion are not always impossible to overcome, but it very often takes a lot of time and patience for the twins to manifest their love and union in the physical world.
They are both very aware of their love, and both want to join as one again on an emotional, physical, intellectual level, but also on a cellular and molecular level. The essence and soul is the same, except that the life experiences in 3d are very different. When they eventually do meet, it is a huge relief to one another to finally meet the missing part of their soul. Finally the puzzle makes sense, life makes sense, and it is difficult to do without one another.

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5 Responses to Twin Flames Tail – 15 November 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean



  2. annefeminine says:

    I also have met my Twin Flame, and I like him oodles. 🙂 It is amazing how it feels; I almost didn’t feel ‘real.’ It was a very enjoyable moment. I think love songs are written about these kinds of moments, but my moment was far greater than what the love songs describe. Cheers.

  3. furrera says:

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