Soft Disclosure

Got a positive feeling that there will be more and more positive news about positive ETs and some kind of soft Disclosure in the coming days !!

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4 Responses to Soft Disclosure

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Nice. I would like more positive things shared about the ET’s, or our space families, fellow et’s, would be a more appropriate term. I am eagerly awaiting disclosure, so I can talk and visit with them.

  2. manavika says:

    Thank you, Laura.
    Please tell us, when you see ET news.

  3. Miranda says:

    Thanks for the messgae, dear Laura. Something is in the air allright (-;
    I had a dream about a big ship that landed on earth. They came down right before me. A beautiful round ship with facet shaped forms on the surface. I jumped up and down from happiness, totally outraged, so glad they were there!! And shouted to the people: do you see now, there they are, finally! What did I tell you all the time, do you see now, it is real!
    And three starbrothers came out and walked a longside us. One was familiar to me from an Aurora dreamflight. A man with a little face from Andromeda.

    Lots of love and light!

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