Choosing Freedom

Chosing freedom
I chose freedom of thought, or body and spirit over politics, bullying, intimidation, exploitation, abuse, management policy which are hardly better than prostitution in some workplace, as mine sadly.
I chose to do as I chose with my body, soul, and spirit, over being used by a system which does not understand me,nor my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs!
I chose to spend my time, and especially my free time in love, joy and happiness, rather on stressing over paperwork, and working from home day and night…
I chose to work that I enjoy, over doing work that some burocrat, or worse.. a politician decided that needed to be done.
I chose to live my life in love and truth, rather than hypocrisie, fear, company politics and lies.
I chose to be true to myself, and to my morals, rather than being false to my managers.
I chose to run my life on my own timetable, rather than allowing some highly paid manager run my timetable, including my personal timetable.
I chose to respect myself, rather than allowing top managemnent have no respect for me and others in my position.
I chose freedom and happiness over stress, exploitation, and overwork.
Thank you for your love and support everybody!
Multidi Ocean

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2 Responses to Choosing Freedom

  1. Thank-you! I choose freedom too.

  2. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Do what you love, even if it is not for a living, take those first steps in the direction of your dreams, and don’t postpone joy. ~PB

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