Ascension Portals by Mulitidimensional Ocean with SaLuSa 31 Oct. 2014

communication-between-salusa-from-sirius-and-laura-tycoDear ones, we come again to tell you about Ascension. We are pleased to announce that the Ascension is well underway, although the main stream media would have you believe otherwise. The radio and television waves are full with violent stories, spreading negativity and fear. The best way not to engage in them is to stay away from such programs.
Focus on growth and love, dear ones. Learn to spread love and kindness around you and give it to others without second thought.
We would like to tell you more about the Ascension process now. There are already places upon the Earth that have partly ascended into the higher vibrations of love, peace and charity. We call those places the Ascension portals of Earth. Other also call them stargates. No matter what label you chose to give to these places, know that they do exist and that the energy of those places is very different from the energy on the rest of the planet. These are areas of peace, love and joy.
Our role is to try and expand those portals to encompass a larger and larger area of Gaia, so that more of you can feel the benefit of the portals and that the shift to the entire planet would take place.
This is why certain areas of Gaia are targetted with wars, famines and poverty, so to keep the natural ascension portals to a minimum scale and to even close them. If you look at war areas, you can pretty much know that a natural Ascension Portal exists there or a stargate.
Our other mission is to create artificial ascension portals in areas that are well known for being industrial or dangerous. This would help combat the negative energies present there. Lightworkers often live in war zones or in deprivated areas for that reason.
If you ever wondered why many lightworkers live in poverty, this is one of their chosen mission, as this puts them on the same level with those in need, so that you can uplift their hearts and share their circumstances. You are then accepted as equal by those in need, since you are also in need.
Your presence alone in those areas suffice to uplift the vibrations, you don’t need to go out preaching, or seeking others. Your vibrations will attract those spirits alike to yours, and the energies will mix together with theirs, leading to higher energetic emmanations on a planetary scale.
Unfortunately the cabal run a tight ship, and rule by fear and control. So even the ones in their ranks who wish to leave the cabal ships, cannot do so, because of fear of repraisals.
However, many among them want change, peace, and love. Many among them know that violence and fear is not an answer at all, and they also know that there is no need for death, wars, poverty.
As usual we allow time for changes and in particular inner changes for humanity. We allow for light to enter your soul and spirit.
Much love
SaLuSa channeled by Multidimensional Ocean

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6 Responses to Ascension Portals by Mulitidimensional Ocean with SaLuSa 31 Oct. 2014

  1. Thank you so much my dear Laura and beloved SaLuSa <3. This are good news. ❤ ❤ ❤

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