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A few people have been asking me about my past lives, so I am posting this from my 2012IndyInfo website. I hope that you will enjoy the reading 🙂 . Laura

Past Lives Reminescences
Laura – Private TAUK with Higher Self – 5 Dec 2011/12/05 – Pre Egyptian Life

Laura: Good evening. I thank you once again for answering my call. I had the most amazing set of visions last night, and this morning. And with it came also a set of knowledge, which took me a few hours to verify last night on Egypt. Would you explain about the process?


Higher Self: The experience you had and keep having at a slower pace, is what you call Kundulini Rising. Through this experience you have been given access to your own Akashic records. It is necessary for you to have a clear understanding of the nature of the relationship you had with certain people and beings, over the past few years. You have already been given access for over two years to a few past lives reminiscences. This memory of a past life was necessary for you, in order to help you take the next step. Yes, you have verified all the information that you have received last night and now you know it is all part of your experience as well.


At the moment you are not identified with the life of that woman, especially with her tragic death. Your name back then was Alajia. The horrific death you see for her is real. She was a human, she lived over 7,000 years ago. She was a courtesan at first at court. At the time, the power of this pre Egyptian pharaoh extended from what is now known as Egypt, included the now Turkey, as far as India. There was a huge cultural mix, and there were a handful of extraterrestrial beings as head of this society. Very few knew much about the ruling families, and all feared the pharaoh’s power. What you see from the balcony of the woman is the Nile indeed, with abundant vegetation around of it. Where now are the Giza plateau pyramids, there stood a similar monuments and the Sphynx, as the guardian of the city. Indeed what matters more is the sacred location of the pyramids, rather than the pyramids themselves.


Yes, there was free energy available for royalty to distribute. They gained power and accessed the head of this pre Ancient Egypt civilization, thanks to their far advanced technology. No enemy could stand in front of their advanced alien technology, and no human could stand in their way to the throne. They adapted into the existing culture of Earth 7,000 years ago in order to exploit Earth’s resources for gold, precious stones, and other rarities they have never encountered before. Their intentions were motivated by personal gain, but they also had a desire to genuinely bring hope and progress to Earth as a thank you for what they were taking away from Earth. They never spoke of the fact that they were not human from Earth. Although their appearance was almost perfectly human.


You were married to one of the human aliens, he was the pharaoh, and you had no idea of anything at all concerning their plans or origins. You did notice a few unusual things about your husband, but you never could understand anything about some aspects of his life and were prepared to accept it. Your rights and place as the second wife were always well established. You were living in a period of high decadence with low morals. Your pharaoh had many official wives, but you were the only one he trusted enough to share his bed. In that time, being part of the pharaoh’s harem was a huge privilege. As gifts to the pharaoh, the colonized countries would offer him daughters, slaves, and rare beauties in order to gain his favors.


The pharaoh was amazed by these highly unusual customs for him, but nevertheless had to accept many offered wives as a present. The extraterrestrials who had become the rulers of this pre Ancient Egypt civilization did not want to rise suspicions by changing radically customs. So your pharaoh accepted the wives he was given with great curiosity and reverence.


Life at the palace was a dream for many young women, and they were in fact freed to go after a few years. The wives were also free to have lovers and to do as they wished. They lived in luxury and their main role was to be happy, beautiful and entertaining. Dancing, singing, playing instruments, gossip and having baths was very popular. Some of them acted as part-time palace helpers if they liked to work, others dedicated their time to temples and to deities, while others just preferred being courtesans and having noble lovers. There were never any demand or imposition made upon any of the women of the harem, but they competed for the pharaoh’s attention. You, as a member of the previous ruling family have ended in the harem; this was considered giving you a good life.


The first wife seduced the pharaoh as he was young, she was power thirsty. She was chosen as the first wife in order to keep order in the harem by fear. She was not ready to give up her power to a younger royal. She had despised the previous ruling family and all about them. As you grew into a wise, elegant lady, there was nothing she could do to keep the pharaoh’s attention from you. After months of slowly noticing her losing her grip on him and her authority, she could no bear the idea of not having children to give to the pharaoh. When she had heard the news of the pharaoh expecting a child from his second wife, she had realized she had to kill you before the baby was to be born. So this is the nature of your relationship.


She murdered you while your were pregnant. Jealousy was running high with this woman, and you do know who she is in this life. She is still playing the victim and still wishes your demise. She has not forgiven you for attracting the favors of the pharaoh and has a desire to chase you for all eternity; such is the extent of her wrath. You can forgive this woman, but certainly never trust her. As you know, you have experienced several disappointments of her hands, seeking for revenge.


You have asked what had happened to her, once she killed you and the baby. She knew of the secret magic the pharaoh had at his disposal for healing and reviving the dying ones, so she ensured your body would be left in pieces, as to never to be healed again. She was the one who stabbed first, then she got her men to ensure your body would not be recognizable. But the pharaoh had cameras over the palace, which nobody knew about, so he learnt everything by watching the recordings in the palace. She was left in the middle of the desert, with one flask of water, she did not survive.


I am you Higher Self


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First memory of Earth ~ my personal memory of how I came to Earth

First memory of Earth

As far as I remember since last September, I came from a planet of the Pleiadian star system. I came here with my husband who was a prince from a different planet to mine. We were pretty similar genetically, but of different cultures. I was tall, blonde, very thin, blue eyes, small differences to a human body, but still very close to humans. There were small differences regarding my hands and my face. My movements were slow and gracefull, a sense of never being rushed. I was wearing braceltes and jewlery. I liked to wear dresses with red and white or just blue, with veils around my body sometimes. We both communicated through telepathy mainly, except when we were in strong disagreement about something. The prince had a strong and muscular body, with auburn hair and eyes. The prince practically bought me on one of his visits to my planet, where I was a court entertainer- singing and dancing, story telling etc-. The court was not happy to let me go, as it was not customary on my planet to sell humans… so they were in shock! They ignored the prince and made him wait in orbit, hoping that he would just give up and leave with his fleet. But he waited and waited and finally the court decided to tell me about the situation and to let me decide what i wanted to do about it. So I decided to go up on the prince’s ship and make up my mind and give him a piece of my mind about this attitude of his.

When I went up I met the most amazing person I had ever met and really liked him totally! He was fun, a total gentleman, young and super gorgeous!! We had a great chat and giggled a lot about the situation. So I decided to follow him as a gust on his ship and be an entertainer for his guests and I was promised that the minute I wanted to go home I would be dropped back to my planet. The court could not refuse under these terms and had to let me go. But they decided as a last trick to put me in a room with another 5 women looking like me and with veils on, just like mine, hoping that he would be so foolish as to pick the wrong woman. Of course he was not fooled and though the court tactics were so funny, trying to fool him! Of course he picked me up straight away and things evolved from that. I thought he would get bored with me after a couple of weeks, but things just got better and better. Our feelings just grew more and more. Then we wanted to get married, but it was contrary to his parents will that he should marry a dancer.. He was expected to marry a princess, so the prince elevated me to his rank !! But the parents were still not happy about it and eventually the prince got more and more distant from his court.

We got married at last and had a fantastic wedding and all went super super super.. till we decided we wanted some adventure and fun and wanted to distance ourselves from it all at his court. So we took a trip on a reptilian ship, more or less incognito or not on an official trip at the very least. We wanted to pass for business people looking for an opportunity on Earth. I was an entertainer and he was supposed to be a kind of a businessman, looking for resources from Earth. So we took part on a trip to see the newly former planet Earth with a group of other races, some whom we trusted and some we had little trust in. But as an act of good will we traveled on board the reptilian ship. This also contributed to our distancing ourselves from his court people and any official business. We had our own quarters in the reptilian motherhsip and were not bothered by anybody, rather isolated from others. We had our own scout ship and were able to visit other planets in this solar system alone.

But soon the Reptilians with other accomplices decided that they wanted this planet for themselves and started shooting at the other races, so quickly the allies were destroyed or received order to leave immediately. Soon we were left here alone with just the scout ship. We went a lot on Mars and had a base there. But we soon needed supplies and other things. We could not return home in our small ship, we needed a bigger ship/ mothership for that. So we were stranded here depending on the reptilians mainly. They tolerated us for a long time and we tolerated them for a long time. But soon we started to spy on them and seen that they were leading experiments that we did not agree with at all, at all, at all. We became more and more of an inconvenience for the reptilians as they could no longer hide their actions from us. It involved exploitation of the planet’s natural resources in a very destructive way. It also involved genetic experiments, which we also disagreed with. It was obvious that they had less and less respect for the planet, the land and for its primitive creatures. There were large animals, i guess dinosaurs and smaller ones. So the reptilians had plans to carry on their experiments with them all. Which was something that shook us very deeply.

We became more and more claustrophobic to the negative being here, and it was increasingly difficult to pretend we were still onbaord with them, and in agreement with their plans. Iy was difficult to claim that we were still looking for business and to do entertainment. We tried not to interfere with their actions as long as we could bare it. Eventually we began sabotage actions and making things explode by making it look like accidents had happened. We hoped to slow them down and create discord among them. So we were playing a double game for some time. It fooled them for a while, but they became increasingly suspicious of us and increasingly jealous of our loving relationship. They litterally became allergic to our love for each other. They were clearly threatened by us on many levels. Eventually it became no longer possible for them to ignore us and it became clear that we did not support their actions. So we were asked not to come back and to stay away from them, which we did to some extent. But we still continued to make things explode, so that irritated them.

Finally it became know for all that we were not just business people, and it became known that they had a very influential royal couple stuck with them. So that had the unexpected effect of some of the troops wanting to stop what they were doing on Earth immediately, as they got scared of the consequences when it would be known. Those who were a little like us just stuck in a bad situation, and had no way out of getting out of it, started to feel hopeful that soon they would go home and that a rescue team would come for the prince and they hoped to go along. Basically it gave a lot of hope for the reptilians who did not want to carry on with their leader’s plans. So the prince got an increasing number of supporters, some openly and some secretly. So this created a split into the reptilian’s factions. Some supported the prince and were afraid of his authority and power of his family.While others who truly had great affection for him decided to follow him and to stop their dark activities at once. And of course there were those to remained faithful to their reptilian leaders no matter what was asked of them. It became a big problem to continue for the rebellion side. So an internal war took off, as the darker ones wanted to force the others to carry on. Eventually the ones who wanted to leave and tell what was going on on Earth, in order to be forgiven, were eventually killed mercilessly. But there was still silent opposition among the reptilian factions even more after a lot of them were killed.This had modivated the others to stop and leave even more at this stage.

So the leader of the darker souls decided that the only way to make the resistance stop was to get rid of the prince and his wife. However nobody wanted to take the responsibility of killing us. They were all very scared of killing 2 royal beings from 2 very powerful races. This would not go down well at all, if this was ever getting into the public domain. Well, they hunted us down and we lived on the run a lot. Finally we ran out of food supplies and there was no where else to go. We were depending a lot on the reptilians and were not able to get what we needed form them anylonger. So it was a check mate. The leader finally sent an emissary explaining that they would not kill us, as this would have been a very serious offence. However that they would torture us and do any worse humiliations to us. So the emissary asked us to terminate our lives ourselves instead of going through this. It was a difficult mission for the emissary to carry out, because that emissary did not agree with that part of the plan at all, so he was very sorry to give us grave news and apologized in deep humility.

We were shocked at what we had heard, it was not something that ever happened previously to our knowledge. This situation had not happened before and nobody had ever imagined doing such a thing before. So we were very upset for some time and carried on with running and hiding, but eventually agreed that we no longer bared the idea of being powerless in stopping the damage being done on Earth and wanted to end our lives anyway. We knew back then that the day would come when this situation on Earth would no longer be tolerated and that one day we would be free to go home. We knew back then of the coming events to this day. So we decided to end our lives and to join the evolutionary process on the planet. There was no sense of fear, nor anger, nor frustration. There was just a sense of peace and of living in the now. We knew that there is no past, no future. We had a last night together and never felt any fear.
The Young Rider

She knew one day, it would all come back to her. Glancing outside the window, the green fields and the shaky trees were preparing for the long winter to return. The clouds kept moving above her head. Darker and lighter shades of vapour water pushed above people’s eyes, throughout the country. The strong wind was entering her room through the tinny gaps around the window. The fine drops of rain began falling down, hardly perceptible. She had to strain her eyes to see them. The wind gave the drops a slight inclination in the air. They landed on the glass window with shattering noise, leaving an unclear sight of the landscape.
She waited for a long time to be on the surface again. Last memories she had was a horse accident. Her memory clearly depicted her stealing the new black stallion from her grand-father. He had strictly forbidden her to mount the new arrival as he was so unsettled. Really her grand-father did not want to admit that he had no idea of what he had just bought.
However she was not one to be afraid of new horses and she would tame him, she was sure of it. She got hold of the stallion in the afternoon, while they were all busy in the farm. She was very surprised how fast and wild he was. He ran without taking notice of her on his back, they flew in a blink of an eye throughout the village without her being be able to see where they were going. She could vaguely see people were looking astounded.
Now they were far from the village, in this valley, with low trees, by the road track. It was here that it had all happened. The river was not far; this for some reason gave her a clear reassurance as if nothing too horrible could happen in this place she knew so well. She remembered at this exact time how she often walked with her family on that sandy road track. How many stories were told, how much laughter this valley heard. The summer garden was in sight, the trees she loved so much were still there in the pen.
She felt like calling out for help to her family as if they were all working in the garden at that time. But the black spirit did not let her enough time to cry out for help. He ran away wanting to break free from everybody, including this girl on his back. She could still remember the fear she felt that day, as she never encountered such a powerful force before. There was also the distinct sense of being in serious trouble when her family would discover what she had done.
The death was surprisingly quick, no pain at all. Just surprise at how fragile these bodies were. She had no idea it could all be over in just a few brief moments. Then came the memories, this was just a training ground of some sort, she was not dead, just lost her body. She thought of running to her family to tell them the good news: “There is no death, live in fear of death no more. You will never die, nobody will!…”. She worried about how to fix this matter without too much trouble, tried to catch the horse to return him home at least, but the stallion could not be stopped.
She returned home in a quick flash to see was the theft discovered? There she found her family in cries and fearing the worst as the stallion and the young girl were both missing. More memories came through now; this took some time to digest.
Then she returned one last time to the family farm, and there she discovered the most terrifying scene. Her body laid stiff on a table in the shed, in the front yard. All her family were in tears, they were in the most atrocious pain. She could not bear to see her family’s suffering. They were crying because of her and there was nothing she could do to undo the events of that dreadful day.
She was so young; she had never really experienced fear before that day. Now they were separated from her. She tried to tell that she was there with them, but they could just not hear. The panic settled in at the realisation of this being irreparable. A few moments later, a reassuring presence came and explained that it was all right as they would all get help .They will deal with the loss in their own time. They will eventually understand too.
Atlantis recollection

Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedeans, Reptilians and other Galactic races were present and many lead their lives on Atlantis freely and happily, were free to do as they pleased, underwater bases, dolphins and Cetaceans were important people too back then on Earth and in water, some stuff was secret, not everybody knew, but they did travel in space also (mainly our solar system exploration with basis on Moon and Mars and lots of cities and structures there), and we were about to get as Galactic as it gets… but then, things went downhill, as greed made them unable to use their knowledge sensibly.
I do believe some survived and built elsewhere, others ascended and the ETs did save as many as they could, but the majority perished along with all the beauty of it all and the power.
That is most of the stuff i remember, oh, and i remember my house very well! I still live in that place in my dreams sometimes. lol! Huge place, only selected people invited for big serious science talk/ diners, late work etc. Tall sealing, lost of blue marble, light, plants, glass mainly everywhere, long underwater corridors leading to various sections of the house. Half of the house was submerged, lots of high tech stuff, had a lab in house too. The house was star shaped, with 5 or 6 long corridors leading to different places, secret places too, high security in and out. But this was at the very end of the Atlantis time, not sure did i live there before that? I always felt so protected there, safe, secure; dolphins and fishes could come around my glass bedroom at night. I remember feeling so much peace and inner quietness there.
Oh, and i was a high ranking priestess/ scientist. My role was inner Island peace keeping -well i fell bloody well!!- I think i was working on satellite technology, high tech stuff. We did not manage to correct anything that went wrong, we eventually appealed to the ETs for help, but the result was negative. I waited for the answer to come, and my partner came to the lab just on time before the explosion to try telling me the negotiations lead to nothing. My lab was in the central tower of the inner ring, high up, all glass and lots of plants, lots of working stations made from blue marble. I was in the lab alone most of the time, i would call for help if needed. I worked on high precision devices and microscopes i think. Oh, i remember the light tube anti-gravity transportation system going all around the city above the ground, high up in the sky. Was a bit taller and slender, had a kind of dress uniform on with a V neck, white and blue mainly and a weapon attached to it… I think we had to wear these.
I remember feeling at peace, harmony, although i was isolated from the commoners, i was indeed proud and arrogant, self-assured, i had a bit of a temper at times, a feeling of having no answer to nobody ever, and of total freedom. A feeling of being suffering from a superiority complex of some kind, but i never left it bother me under the excuse that i was a good scientist. lol!! I had a peaceful inner side which explained my position, but the prestige of being a devoted scientist and the luxury that entailed was very seducing, so the ego intellectual side eventually took over, leaving my inner side in a state of deep despair. I ended up taking refuge more and more in my work, blocking everything else out little by little. I was searching for something that kept escaping me, mainly because of lack of seeing the bigger picture and my increasing unbalanced being and inner suffering being blocked out, by my pride and vanity shall we say.
There is the feeling in my memory of belonging to a cast that was untouchable by anything or anybody. I was the young promising one, with a great future ahead, being always protected by the more senior scientists and their loving families. We were a close community had very little to share with others outside of our group or any simple pleasure from life. There was a strong sense of duty, dedication too, passion about the work. It fell wonderful to be part of something that was so great, had so much potential. I was very loved by my companions always, but my heart was always a bit cold for people. My partner was very loving and worked with me, and I know him in this life too for many years. I loved him because he was brilliant, because we thought alike, and we had great respect for each other and each other’s work. I could never, even now still cannot return his feelings fully for me. i just could not understand them fully. Was too engrossed in work and getting recognition.
Of course, i could be totally wrong and under the influence of a rather wild imagination! lol!

~ Atlantis Ancient Memories ~

The tall lady was stepping nervously across the large room, overlooking the city. She stopped; her eyes lovingly caressed the land from the height of the glass tower. The sun was illuminating the large room; the vibrant green plants were bathing into the sunshine full of joy. A deep sense of peace resonated through her body, as if the river of life itself was flowing through her veins and spine. She loved this land, this life and the sense of freedom.
She always enjoyed the late afternoon’s sun: not too warm, yet powerful and generous. Far into the distance the tall mountain range seemed to float on the surrounding ocean’s surface. The green and pale valleys attracted her attention. Under the blue skies, hovering above the mountains, this timid white cloud was sending a fainted shadow over the green areas. The sun seemed to be reflected by the brightness of the cloud. The cloud looked as if it wanted to copy the shape of the mountains. Something moved her beyond expectations in this landscape.
She returned to her desk, but still her glance was caught by the blue sky and the sight of the ocean. She was sitting back at her blue marble desk. She would often stare into the light shade of blue marble when looking for solutions and ideas. Getting stuck was becoming a more and more familiar feeling to her. Lately, she was doing more and more presence in her lab, daydreaming. She tried all the concentrations methods she knew, but the most efficient was still to stare at the tinny dots on her immaculate marble desk. She spent too many hours sitting there; it was as if something inside of her was refusing to give up.
She practically lived in this laboratory; she blended well in this sophisticated modern, surgical environment. She had not been home in days, this turned into obsession. She came to even love these dark machines and instruments in the lab. Tension was building up on her neck, as she was staring into these high-tech microscopes all afternoon. I never understood her work, what was it she was looking so desperately for? What could she be looking for in the outside?
Unaware of its presence, the sun was watching her through the glass roof and the green plants renewed her air every minute. She realised the tension in her shoulders and her back eventually. This made her instinctively go back near the glass wall again; inevitably she gazed into the distance. She always enjoyed distance. There was plenty of distance between her life and the ones in the lower city, distance to her home, distance to the Earth. I guess she was lonely without fully realising it, high above the clouds it was so easy to forget about ordinary people. The only thing that mattered was the connection with her husband, her work colleagues and this link with her research.
One day, as she looked down into the city, she saw burning houses, land opening up with lava coming through. The entire immediate area was covered in red pouring lava. Of course she was scared at first, but she knew that science demanded sacrifices. Eventually the people in the city entirely rebuilt the buildings, vegetation grew again. It was all that mattered to her somehow, that all returned to normal so that she could resume her work.
The day she died, the ocean covered the entire city, the land, the sandy beaches, this time the towers had not escaped the power of the oceans. It was a surprise to her when he stormed into her lab, looking like a defeated man. He was wearing his white and navy shirt and she was glad to seen him. He was the only person who she really cared about. He ran up to her to take her in his arms, she sensed very rapidly that he was terrified. She ran towards him and as soon as they were holding each other, the explosion and blue water broke trough the glass. Shattered glass, shattered lives… For once, there was no distance in her life.

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