Testing Times – SaLuSa 4 Oct. by Multidimensional Ocean

planet_earthSaLuSa 4 Oct. by Multidimensional Ocean
Dear ones. We are on the verge of a new adventure once again. Humanity’s increasing need for light is manifesting with a stronger power for the past few days already. This will surprise some of you when I say that the light has to come from within at this time. You dear friends are the greatest light bekons that can ever be. You will shine your light in the darkest places of the Earth and help restore the sense of love and unity above the planet dear ones.
The outer energies and influences will continue to be challenging for most of you at this time, as we have entered the so called “trial” times that many of you have heard about. This time can also be referred to as testing times.
The only test is a test for your own abilities to love and to have faith in your own inner guidance and light.
This will be a difficult time for many, and some will give up on the light. Do not be disheartened if friends walk away from the light, but continue showing them the way of love and consciousness that we have tried to impress upon you for many years with our many messages.
This time is going to shake many people’s beliefs and the darker forces of the universe will count on this time ahead to play with your feelings of fear and with your subconscious.
We recommend you to do additional meditations during this coming months and years. Have plenty of sleep, go to bed very early and lead a balanced life. Balancing physical activities with healthy eating.
Join a group where you find the light that your soul needs, and enjoy your self regularly.
You are beckons of love and light for all humanity to see and follow. You are the ones guiding souls in the times of darkness, as you have done so for many years upon your planet and through many lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere in the universe.
Along with the need for light, there is also a need for protection of your own feelings and physical bodies. Many of you feel overworked and depressed with the winter settling upon the Northern Hemisphere. The days getting shorter and the lack of light is felt by all of you now. This will continue to be felt until the winter solstice with increasing power.
It is vital that you let your inner light shine at times such as these. It is important to connect with your true nature and the joy that resides in your heart.
These are difficult times for the planet and many of you will find their path in the coming months, as well as clarification on their life mission.
We keep monitoring the situation from above and know that we are always with you.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we send our regular love to you. We are aware of your strong desire for joining us openly on our ships and are please to say that once this period of darkness ends, the possibility of our working openly together will be a reality for many of our ground crews.
Thank you, SaLuSa
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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7 Responses to Testing Times – SaLuSa 4 Oct. by Multidimensional Ocean

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  2. Miranda says:

    Thank you so much dearest Laura and SaLuSa for this lovingly and encouraging message. I am very grateful, sister of Light, that you find the time in your busy schedule to do a channeling with our beloved starbrother SaLuSa. God, did I missed that! You are both light bekons in my life and very important to keep me on the right track.
    It is very comforting to know that our cherished SaLuSa is always with us. Indeed I can’t wait to finally hug and embrace him and his family. I love him with my whole heart! And I want to thank him and his starbrothers and sisters very much for all their efforts in the Ascension of Humanity!!

    With a big hug, much love and light!

  3. Brother Dave says:

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    Reblog from Multidimensional Ocean

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