The Greatest Secret

The greatest secret of all times, the one that is a lot more important than football matches, that any main stream media cares to report. WE ARE NOT ALONE, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL BE!! I was born carrying this information in my cellular memory. I was born knowing that there were thousands of civilizations, knowing about the fact that there are building on Mars and on the Moon that we left behind. Don’t be fooled by what main stream wants to turn into: we are all so much more than the buyers that our rulers see us only as. The main thing in life is not to have a job, to pay our bills, and to buy into brain washing media. The main of our lives is to rediscover who we are. That is the thing that nobody else can do for you. This journey of self-discovery is the awakening process that we all need to experience sooner or later, This journey is the awakening of consciousness.
Much love.

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6 Responses to The Greatest Secret

  1. The most precious message ever written ❤ Thank you 🙂

  2. Miranda says:

    Thank you dear Laura, that was just what I needed to hear. I miss your messages and channelings with SaLuSa a lot and know that you’re to busy now.
    I wish you much strength, light and love on your path!
    Hugs, Miranda.

    • thank you Mirranda! I miss channeling also ! but it is not possible at the moment because of working some 60 hours week and weekends I have to work from home as well and try to recover and prepare for the week… it never ends. I hope to channel next weekend as Friday is off for me 🙂

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