Message from Higher Self 22 Aug 2014 by Multidimenisonal Ocean

hqdefaultThis is a time for many of you where you come to realize what is lacking in your life, but most importantly into your own soul.

The reason for that is not to for self blame or feeling sorry for yourselves at all. As you know just seeing what is needed for you is the 1st step towards fulfilling your own needs.

Many of you have been refusing to give themselves what is needed most for many years. Many of you will come now into that realization and will begin acting on it. The acting that we speak of is not a doing as such, but will come from above. This is the way that spirit communicates with your 3d self and with your multidimensional self.

Time to allow yourself to have all that you wished for is now at hand. You can just reach out to what is needed and bring it to your self. Once you have it in the inner world, it will materialize into the 3d world.

There is also a lot of emotional ups and downs for many of you. This kind of material is often making you switch off and turn a blind eye to those emotions.

They do however reveal much about the inner needs, and it is worth following them, even if you consider that it will lead to nowhere.

In fact, we recommend that every time that there is such an emotional load surfacing, that you sit down quietly with it, on your own and listen to it. Allow it to express itself, as you would allow a young child to express his or her emotions. Sit with that inner child and listen to his or her complaints. It is always worth it. Be kind and generous, and loving to that child. He or she is a part of you that needs attention and gives you clue about what is still missing for you.

We love you all very much and are with you in all and in everything, every single moment of your existence on your planet Earth.

Channel: Multidi Ocean

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4 Responses to Message from Higher Self 22 Aug 2014 by Multidimenisonal Ocean

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura! I’m experiencing this right now too. Recognizing where I have not been giving to myself as I would to someone I love. It is often amazing to realize how poorly we have treated ourselves! But very worth going through the sometimes unpleasant emotional ride to create a better reality for ourselves.

  2. thank you for the reblog ladies. much love and glad the message resonated ! ❤

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