Twin Flame Update – 25 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

imagesJust wanted to share a few insights I have experienced for the past few days with my twin flame.
First of all, the best time to experience the connection with your twin flame is when I am in between those states of being asleep and awake. You know, the time of the day when you are about to awake, and something is pulling you back into dreamland. I can experience my twin pulling me back into shared dreams with him.
The connection then is very direct, pure, simple, and strong.
It is the time when we consult on various matters in our lives, discuss opinions, music, cultures. It is very real. I have no other word for describing it.
As the day goes by, it becomes easier and easier to get identified with what goes on in my 3d life. With people, actions, emotions, thoughts and to forget about my twin. However, when I come back to my own inner space, inner connection, then the link with my twin comes back again almost instantly.
It is very easy to lose track of the connection through out the day and of my own feelings towards my twin flame during the day. Other ideas, thoughts and people can take over easily depending on how much of my own presence inhabits my own body/.
Just thought it could be a nice thing to share with you today.
Hugs. Laura

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4 Responses to Twin Flame Update – 25 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Ascension Angel says:

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    Thank you Laura 🙂

  2. Thanks Laura, I do share the same experience with mine and it’s good to be able to compare files in a way. Since I have met my twin flame it’s like a dream and so much is happening in my life. I AM aware that my spiritual experience has jumped a mile high since this started and I have even started to channel a being I hadn’t channeled since I was a child. Many synchronycities have occurred. The whole experience is like a dream and I AM enjoying every second of it. Much love my friend.

    • what you are saying dear Willow certainly DOES RESONATE BIG BIG TIME WITH ME !
      thank you for sharing all that you are sharing dear Willow! I can totally relate to all you relate dear and it is nice indeed to compare notes on this matter ! 🙂 xoxo

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