Someone within facebook that deletes lightworkers accounts

Someone within facebook that deletes lightworkers accounts, it happened to another facebook friend of mine on facebook 2 days ago too.. all her 5000 friends and 800 followers gone..
Same happened to me two weeks ago: they deleted my facebook account the 3d or 4th time that facebook is doing that to my account in 3 or 4 year, and they deleted my groups that i had under the same account too.

Only facebook could have known what facebook groups I had created under that previous account.

My new facebook account is:

I am going to be very selective to who I friend with the new account I am afraid. I don’t want too many friends on the account who never visit or don’t care about my work. I want the new account to be like a family place where people can share and discuss what ever they like 🙂

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7 Responses to Someone within facebook that deletes lightworkers accounts

  1. Things like that end up making you become a bit paranoid about people and all that. I think I would too. I really hope you won’t have any more problems with that. Keep an eye on those “verifications” prompts though as said on that post as they don’t belong to FB. I wish long life to your new page sweetie. Take care. Love and light.

  2. Ascension Angel says:

    That was my hunch, too, Laura!

  3. manavika says:

    Hello Laura, recently someone told me that Facebook is a CIA project and the story about Mr. Zuckerberg is a tale. If that is true it’s quite natural what you see.


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    Maybe have the wordpress account as a main one and have the facebook account with a link the another site. Perhaps post some things on both, and most controversial on the non facebook account. This is what I do.

  5. Sherry Joy says:

    yes…I have heard of that also…and it has happened to a friend of mine also….

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