The Annunaki Types are among us Today – Multidimensional Ocean – 14 July 2014

download (2)Just back from a walk, during which it was revealed to me that the Annunaki had a council of 12 Leaders, who improved the human race to better suit their needs, but they have also created mixture of genetically engineered beings.
Among all their creations and DNA mixtures, again there were 12 basic over souls directing them all, all patented on the 12 original Annunaki leaders. Those leaders wereΒ the templates for our body types, and personality types.

I was also told that eventhough we have evolved as a species and have mixed all types, the inner energy patent remains more or less the same.
This is why some are talking about humanity being divided into more or less 12 types physically and personality, even essence wise.
The good news? We are actually still growing with them, no matter where the 12 are. We are connected to them, and we can also influence them psychically, and at the same time we also get influenced by them without even knowing it.
I wonder how does this sit with you guys? It sure made me think…

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5 Responses to The Annunaki Types are among us Today – Multidimensional Ocean – 14 July 2014

  1. dagger27 says:

    Interesting. I read some time back that they asked to be called annanaki rather than annunaki since they are shifting to the light?

  2. Anything annunaki always has my head is a puzzling topic for me and would like to have all the pieces to this puzzle.It makes sense that we are them. And I really wonder if they were as cold and heartless as they are seemed to be portrayed. The Anu people were only a small fraction of human history upon the appears that they arrived at a good timing
    I just finished the book ‘UFO Contact from Arian in Aldebaran’ by Wendelle S. and goes in detail about the cosmonauts that were here before Atlantis and Mu.. The genetic manipulation that went on before the Anu people. What about those genes? Where they completely lost through the millennia and through the many devastations?

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