Twin Flame Share of the Day – 6 July 2014

draft_lens20972162module167268804photo_1365989410a_Connecting with my twin flame is always so wonderful and stronger Saturday night and Sunday morning. It is usually always present in the morning while I am in between sleep and waking state. We always talk at this point, exchange feelings, emotions, thoughts, and energy.Β 
This presence takes place a lot during the day, when I am at peace inwards and when I am able to focus on my inner life. When I can make a connection within, I can also connect with him in a very real and powerful way. The communication process at its peak at times like this, when we are both able to go within and focus our feelings and mind on each other. The energy exchange is very tangible and real, it is as if distance, time and space were immaterial with such a powerful quality of frequency.
Love and blessings to all

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2 Responses to Twin Flame Share of the Day – 6 July 2014

  1. Ascension Angel says:

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    These are simply INspiring posts… thank you dear Laura πŸ™‚

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