Keep your eyes on the Ball – SaLuSa 6 July 2014

salusaDear ones, we are glad to come to you again. We look forward to your grand awakening, as we truly know your truly potential as light beings and members of the Galactic Federation. The next few months are going to contribute enormously to the global consciousness rising, and we know that you will play your part in this global ascension, as you are meant to be.
We know that so many of you are getting discouraged, and are beginning to have serious doubts about the Ascensioin of the planet, and about our very motives.
Dear ones, this is a process necessary as part of your growth and awakening, and in order to shatter the many illusions and expectations that you had about how Ascension should take place.

Know that many things are going exactly according to plan, and that you are in control of the level of awakening on the planet, as you are part of the planet and you alone can truly assist it with your vibrations, as beings incarnated on the surface of the planet.
The house of the cabal is continuing its game of master and servants, and has no intention of letting go of this game any time soon, and for as long as you accept to play your part in this game, and to serve them.
You can do any work that you want, even if it is working in the midst of the cabal, but make sure that inside you remain free and that your conscience is clear.
There are many tricks in the hat that they are planning on pulling on you, and they will not hesitate to pull them as long as you will bite that carrot that is put in front of your nose. We encourage you to see the carrot for what it is, and to change the rules of the game at last.
The light will never leave your side as long as you invite it into your life, as long as you cherish it, and share it with others,
This is a necessary process of shedding what is no longer serving your best interest, and in order to help you see yourselves under all circumstances and at any time.
The awakening involves rising above the daily routine and expectations, rising high enough to see the ego at work, and to be able to distance yourself from many situations. This is part of the letting go process.
This is a difficult process to do alone, in fact it is an impossible thing to do alone. You will need the help of other companions along this journey of self discovery. This journey requires that one remains open minded, loving and without fear.
The time to look within is now dear ones. The time to be yourself is now.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and enjoy very much being part of your world and of your thoughts. Many of those thoughts are loving and caring, and I am grateful for your love and trust.
Thank you
Channel:Β Multidimensional Ocean

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5 Responses to Keep your eyes on the Ball – SaLuSa 6 July 2014

  1. Ascension Angel says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you SaLuSa and dear Laura for the INspiration πŸ™‚

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  3. Dina says:

    My daughters have been dreaming of your arrival. So excited for the upcomming changes. Thank you

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