TF Share of the day – 30 June 2014

TF Share of the day – 30 June 2014
Yesterday, while doing my walk and chatting to my Twin Flame in my mind and heart connection, we were discussing my situation with my current wonderful partner of 7 years.
We discussed the fact that the love I was feeling for both my partner and my twin flame were entirely different and that both kinds of love feel sacred, divine, and blessed.
My Twin flame’s higher self said that it is normal, given the fact that twin flame energies penetrate in our partner’s bodies and energies. And indeed that the loved shared with our partners, even though they are not our direct twin flame, is still a loving, caring and sacred union.
We discussed that love, no matter if with the twin flame or not, is always a sacred and blessed feeling and that there was no need for partners’ feelings to be hurt or of feeling guilty when genuine love and care is shared between individuals.
I encourage all of my wonderful readers to have love in your heart whether you are with your twin flame or not .
Love. Laura

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