Please share your Aurora Dreamflight Experience Here for 27- 29 June

Hi Folks

many of you are still sending me emails about your experiences on Aurora.

Please don’t do that, as we need to share together anything that we think is of value.

Please share here with the group and get a conversation started.

Love and light



night of the 27th June

Sharing my own experience here

As I was about to wake up, I had an intense connection with my twin flame.

Future parts of our lives and of our future relationship were shown.

In a way it felt as if I was remembering the future, if it makes any sense.

Perhaps it was also part of some past we had together.

It was a truly amazing experience.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section if you like please

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.


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3 Responses to Please share your Aurora Dreamflight Experience Here for 27- 29 June

  1. Aless says:

    Yupee!!! I was greeted by Salusa himself… Im so so so happy to meet him again. It was very smooth. just connect to aurora in meditation I saw him in the room with all the crew member bodies and he just talked to me as if waking me up. I was half conscious in bed and waking up on the ship. they kept the lights very dim in the room… it was lovely. but I don’t remember anything else:-)

    • wow! thank you for this Aless!!
      I am so so happy you had this wonderful experience!
      and yes, the insight of the ships tend to be very dark inside. for 2 reasons:
      1- to help being undetected
      2 – their eyes can see in the dark as well as in the light
      Thank you for sharing lovely!

  2. Saturday night dreamflight:
    Had another wonderful dream flight with my twin flame! we were together in our usual setting in work and also we were together for a very long seeming time! was great ! and still together for most of the day

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