Journey into the Gate – Aurora Dreamflight for 27 – 29th June 2014

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nWelcome once again into the dreamflight program. We are glad to welcome you onboard the Aurora once again for the summer months. Our crew is in great need for a rest and they are so looking forward to meeting you again, to explore the Earth with you, to visit other regions of space with you, to take you home for a short trip, or just to swim into the Earth oceans with you and with the wild life of your beautiful planet.
This weekend we have decided to do a time travel exercise, and to take through different gates that link your dimension through other dimensions.

This means that you can visit your parallel selves, that you can travel back and forth in space and time, that you can access other world and portals of other planets and other galaxies.
We also wanted to give you a taste of the future and of what awaits your planets in the glorious times ahead. We hope that this will lead to many of you feeling reassured of the divine plan for the planet and for all of you, and we wish that you can see how beautiful and how much joy awaits you on the Ascended Earth.
Once you can experience this for yourself, we hope that it will give you further resolve to contribute to the ascension of the planet.
We will take various portals and gates scattered throughout your galaxy in order to bring you where you wish to go with us.
We look forward to meeting you again this weekend.
Love from Aurora and her crew.
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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One Response to Journey into the Gate – Aurora Dreamflight for 27 – 29th June 2014

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura! For everyone who has not yet read the background on this, some people have established shared dream experience-if you search my blog I have links to the background info, and how to become involved if you are interested.

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