Some clarification on the Aurora dream flights

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nThese would not feel like ordinary dreams, because they are not ordinary dreams. They would have for me a distinct feeling that goes deeper within, they would feel more connected to your inner being, inner life and they do not affect the same part of the brain as dreams. So it should be easy enough to recognize
The other thing that I wanted to discuss is that everybody is welcome in taking part, but make sure that you ask only God level of consciousness being to contact you for safety reasons please.
Last point but not least, a few of you are emailing me their experiences, which I find very interesting. It would however be better to share those on the blog ( with all the readers, rather than share just with me and to get a discussion going. We can sometimes see a trend there if we have all the comments together. And because I am no expert on either dream analysis nor telling you what the experience meant for you. You are the one that had the experience with the Aurora and her crew, and the message is for you and your subconsious, not for me. You and your subconscious alone can decipher it and understand it. This may well mean that your normal brain will never understand it, and it is not meant for our ordinary brain. It is meant for the subconscious rather than the ordinary mind. .So don’t be panicked if you can not work it out, or feel that you need to ask me about it please. The message is for the part of you that needs it for a lack of a better word. The experiences are for your heart, and yours alone. You can share aspects of the experience that you wish to share, but you are in no way obligated to do so, or to talk about the entire experience in details.
I hope to get a message today or tomorrow about the coming weekend. Fingers crossed.
Laura Multidimensionalocean

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