Ripple Effect – by Multidimensional Ocean 26 June 2014

water-intersecting-ripples-6725620When I read articles of late from light workers, there seems to be so much expectations for a better world to suddenly materialize, however I rarely see them being aware of the real world out there. I wonder is there a balance that can be found within where I can allow for knowledge of world events, but not let them affect me on a deep level of my well being. Just to remain neutral to the situation, aware, and perhaps even be able to respond appropriately.

Many people expect too much from the outside world, forgetting that change starts here, now and within. Once I have light within, that I know who I am, why I am here, reality will start manifesting around me just in the right way.
Imagine if this goes on world wide, for thousands of people awakening, what ripple effect can that have on the world and the universe.
Love and light.
Laura Maintenant

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4 Responses to Ripple Effect – by Multidimensional Ocean 26 June 2014

  1. Reblogged this on Sirian Heaven and commented:
    So true, changes can come only through and from within of us. Each one has to do his/her own work, no savior will come and with a finger snip all is changed. WE are the ones who change the world.

  2. Reiki Doc says:

    The more we engage in concern over world events, the more we perpetuate them. Looking within, and anchoring our own individual purpose into our consciousness, helps to ‘manage’ the world events by taking their power of manifestation away. By stepping into our own power, we literally take the power away from those that rule us, and we change our own world. I look forward to sharing this new world with every one of you; you are dear to me, and precious. We are ohana–or ‘family’ in Hawaiian–and our aloha permits us to rise above what ‘is’ in our day-to-day existence. Namaste. Aloha and mahalos. Peace. In love and Joy and gratitude…forever…’mau loa’ is forever. __/|\__

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