Accountability for Governments please !

I have to say I am puzzled as we have been going through Austerity for years and years, and there is no end to this in sight.
I would like, since all people are accountable for what they do with their money, that our governments give us a full disclosure, and now I mean FULL disclosure, on where is the tax payer money going to.. Taxes that by all means should in no way be compulsory..
I am sure we would find billions missing, and billions unaccounted for.. just missing.. going into black operations, into terra-forming and colonizing other planets for the global elite.. no! they are not counting us in on it, sorry, even-though we are the ones who sweat and pay for it.

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3 Responses to Accountability for Governments please !

  1. I don’t think we’ll ever see the account for this because we all know that lots of it is being used for things other than what they should be. Our governments will collapse, there is no question about if, but rather when. A rotten branch cannot grow, it just collapses under its own weight. Hundreds of powerful civilizations, throughout our ages, have done the same and have crumbled under their own greed. This one is not different and I believe that there is a lot being at the moment to facilitate this collapse. We must keep hoping and pushing hard towards the change and then it will be done. The new society will be like nothing else yet seen on this planet and it will be wonderful. Love and light Laura and to everyone.

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