La Nuit Étoiléé

Vincent-van-Gogh-Starry-Night_1920x1200Well.. Last night it finally came to me… wait for it… You know I have always been intensively drawn to Van Gogh paintings, and in particular to Le nuit étoiléé (Starry Night).. but I never knew why!?? Well.. since last night i know why.. it is obvious to me after last night that Vincent was able to see light ships in the sky and the painting is a homage to our brothers and sisters from the sky.

They really put on a light show for me again last night… there were 7 or 8 or perhaps even more light ships being totally stationary for as long as I looked up in the sky. all flashing all colours of light, switching lights off, and then back again. I was so happy laughing with them. it was like a symphonic light show! they were relaying on turning on the lights in turn it was pure magic! It was such a starry night for a lack of a better word!
It is obvious to me that Van Gogh was very awake, as his painting reflect so much vibration, and colour, the colours of 5D living indeed!
Thank you Mr. Van Gogh! no doubt you are one of the space brothers  !
My own version of Starry Night would actually be such that the stars would appear in different colours as well.. much more controversial though  i would have one in green, one in red, one in blue, one in white, one in orange, one in yellow  all colored stars in the night sky, flashing  lol !!

Song thanks to Nona 🙂 !


Don McLean – Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics

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3 Responses to La Nuit Étoiléé

  1. Hi Laura, “La nuit etoilee” is also my favourite painting. Many years ago when my mum was still alive and painting she did a copy of it for me, I was never able to bring the painting to the UK, so it’s still in France. I never thought of the star ships as an explanation for it and always thought of the beauty of the milky way and the brilliance of the stars.But your vision of it makes as much sense as any other. I think that it’s a celebration of life and a dance to the happiness of the world. Blessings.

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