Auroradreamflights poll results

Hi guys. Only about 8 people expressed wanting to carry on with Aurora dreamflights on FB and 11 on the blog.
Obviously it is of no relevance to most people. So I am going to play it by ear on this one. But at the moment, I take it that there is not enough people to continue with this, unless something changes, I will not be carrying on with this.
Since I have seen ships in the sky 3 nights in a raw and they expressed a desire to continue sometime, I wonder if people will experience something this weekend.
Maybe people are just not meant to remember what goes on during the briefings on the ships. I know i go onboard most of the time, but i don’t recall much.
Feel free to share if you are lucky to recall something.
Good night and sweet dreams 

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5 Responses to Auroradreamflights poll results

  1. Marianne DiMaggio says:

    Hi Laura,

    I like the Aurora Dreamflights.  I like the idea of it too.  I never remembered a thing unfortunately.  I wish I had the connection with them like you do.


    love,  Marianne


  2. Miranda says:

    Dearest Laura, yesterday I was so glad with your proposal to resume the dreamflights. Your conclusion about the poll results lowers my vibration. Why are 19 people (8 on FB and 11 on the blog) not enough? How many people do you need? Everybody counts. We are not a number, we are all One, there is only One of us.
    Take the Galactics as an example. They played out a whole lightshow last night only for you!
    Don’t underestimate how important you are for people who can’t communicate with them, like you can. In the proces of Ascension you are for them like a bridge between 3D and 5D.
    I am also very curious to know how Aurora and her crew are doing.
    So will you please reconsider your conclusion about the dreamflights? Thank you so much.

    With hugs, much love and light,

    • I will try to get on to them later on today Miranda and will blog what they have said. thank you for making your voice heard.
      I came to the same conclusion as you 🙂
      So, if they are willing, I am game for it 🙂

  3. Miranda says:

    Thanks for your reply, dear sister, you’ve made me happy again!!! Big hug. Miranda.

  4. Sherry Joy says:

    Hi….See UFO’s nightly also….very interesting….

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