Twin Flame Molecular Join Up – 18 June 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

timthumbWhile having a nap I got a download about twin flames (sorry to those who don’t care about this topic)
I was explained that there is the equivalent of a magnet (the original babe magnet I suppose . ) inside beings who are set to find their twin flame.
This magnet is activated once both twins are on the surface of the planet. It pretty much acts like a beacon to find one another.
( In most cases, events, spirit, higher self and Galactics are more than willing to give a helping hand though.)
This magnet operates from within the chest and is located in the heart center of each twin.
There is also a mind to mind connection between them of course, and a link to the others feelings, thoughts, desires, past lives is also present.
Once the twin flames are in close proximity, and got to meet, the magnet’s function overwrites much of the other body, physical, and emotional needs, functions.

The priority is Union with the twin flame and ascension. This is a kind of code embedded into this magnet.
Sometimes the magnet no longer functions properly, because of various emotional and feeling issues, or simply because the mind decides to ignore it and cut it off from the motor center. So it remains like a nagging thought on the background. The twins get stuck in the running phase or decide to lead separate lives for the sake of children or marriage. This is a sad state of affairs, as sometimes this may be standing in the way of the spouse finding their own twin flame. In either case, any spouse would like their husband or wife to reunite with their own twin flame, ascend and carry on their mission here. Any spouse would like their husband or wife to meet completion and fulfillment, in particular as they well know that it is something that is impossible for them to provide for their husband or wife. Any spouse would like nothing else than seeing their husband or wife truly happy. The thing is that is has to be certainty that you have found the twin flame I guess.
When the magnet functions, you can feel the magnetism and the attraction and desire to reunite with your twin flame almost 24 / 7. It is an overwhelming desire to complete your mission, to complete yourself.
Indeed twin flames do need the other twin in order to feel complete fully, in order to ascend, in order to experience higher realms to the full extent.
Twin flames are always together in the higher realms, always supporting each other, caring for each other. They are the one and same being in the higher realms.
It is a sacred union, sacred love, sacred harmony materializing on Earth for all to feel the Divine Love.
Blessings to humans of Earth, and to those who struggle to reunite at a molecular level. The struggle affects the emotional, mental, physical, etheric, and astral bodies. It affects the entire being, it transforms everything, truly as described in fairy tales.
Love conquers all and obstacles fall in front of true love.
Gratitude and Joy.
Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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