Available for Readings for the next 2 weeks by Multidimensional Ocean

400_F_18196045_7HHng4024n2HIiTcUdMg4LUKdCRELfuJDear Friends,

just wanted to let you know that I am free for Readings for the next two weeks. I would like to particularly answer questions on Twin Flame and relationships for this time. However, any other questions are welcome. Please email me first, before paying, so that I can tell you if I get information first. Then once we agree that I can answer the question for you, I will email you back asking for the payment first, then we will proceed with the reading.

If you are interested, please  send me a question at my email address: Lauratyco@gmail.com

30 minutes on skype: 65 euro

Email questions (please be as precise as you can and give as much background information as possible): 35 euro

Looking forwards to hearing from you and to be of service!


Love and light

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