Higer Self on Twin Flame Connection – Multidimensional Ocean 15 June 2014

10422487_10152236727879023_5328902472509468298_nWe come this evening with more information on Twin Flames, as it was requested by a few of you. This kind of information is not of concern to many light workers, and it is perfectly all right if you feel no connection and no interest to this topic what so ever.
Indeed not all souls chose to incarnate into two distinct beings, one male and one female. Some souls do this split in order to experience both sides of the coin so to speak at once. Others would alternate incarnations as male or female on this planet or on others.

It has nothing to do with which is more valuable, it is just a reflection of several factors, such as will, interest, motivation, mission objective, completion.
However, It is also true that many souls who chose to incarnate as a double being on Earth is very likely on the last mission here and the love that is infused upon the planet by the love connection alone is a huge contributor to the rise in vibrations of the planet.

Meeting your twin flame can be sudden, and it will often look as if though the universe has conspired to take you away from your comfort zone, and very often you will relocate before meeting your true one love.

Many do not know when they first meet, and time may be needed to go deeper than meet the eye, in order to fully grasp the consequence of having your twin flame in your life and to be able to handle it with a cool head.

On a cellular level, twin flames are very much connected once again. Although they come from different parents, they will often have high similarities in physical appearance, in their voice, in their behavior and way of thinking.

The male will very likely be attracted to a very confident female and the female will be attracted to the reassuring, protective and loving feelings of her male counterpart. There is however a real connection deep down to the cellular level. This connection comes from the fact that they both share the same higher self. However, not quite the same sides of the higher self look after the female as the male. The Higher self is in a way compartmentalized for a lack of a better word.

There exist a transformation at cellular level that occurs once both twin realized the connection that they share. This transformation is ongoing, day and night. It literally reprograms your core belief system, and brings you to question everything that you have taken for granted in your life.

The union of the twins in itself is a very high experience for both twins. Both twins experience it, but one may want to block it for reasons outside of one’s control, such as being already in a relationship or married. This does not mean that the transformation will not take place. It will, but it is likely to take more time, be more painful, and it may not lead to that wanted place. But follow your heart dear ones.

Very often twin flames have a very high mission. It can be a mission that they have to accomplish together, or a mission that they can focus more on if they are apart in the physical world. The mission is usually not known to the 3D human, they cannot access it in their waking state. They experience it in the subconscious and during dream time. This is for reason of security, as knowing would be of no benefit to anybody, and would only endanger the twins more than necessary. The twins do get updates from their respective higher self part and they are reunited in the higher realms. In fact in the higher realm, the twins are one being literally.

I hope that this has shed more light on this topic for today.
Laura and Higher Self

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12 Responses to Higer Self on Twin Flame Connection – Multidimensional Ocean 15 June 2014

  1. Wonderful information, thank you my sweet one ❤

  2. Ascension Angel says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you Laura and Higher Self 🙂

  3. Adeana says:

    I appreciate this information very much and can attest to all of it as this is my current mission. It is a very difficult and painful process but the love expressed is amazing beyond words and so very uncommon of the 3D relationship.

  4. Love and light dear friends! much love to you and happiness . Laura

  5. Dna L'Infini says:

    Thank you, Lovely. I appreciate your energetically Clear perspective, considering all that is written on the subject. Quite understated, what you have shared on this topic. 😉 Twins working through twin relationships (even just being acquaintances is a “relationship” of a sort) must get through the fear of separation to unite. All -and I do mean ALL- insecurities are to be confronted. This is why such encounters usually oscillate, to allow time for re-wiring between cataclysmic meetings. We get all kinds of clues and hints when we are “destined” (by our own higher choosing) to play this role in 3-d, demonstrating the reUnion for all to witness, though with or without conscious recognition. (I will write on this more in the future). I would love to present the fluffy romantic side of twin flames, often this is not the case as sooo much is being worked through, preconceptions and expectations being dissolved, redefined, defined. A balance must be found between ego and humility with this combination of energies. One may be decimated by the power of the connection when imbalanced, so strong is the influence of a twins when they reconnect in the physical. They do not even have to TOUCH to generate such a palpable forcefield of energy. Whew. 😉 Namaste, Love and Light Laura and all You Dear Ones ❤

    • Adeana says:

      Yes I would love to hear more! I will take all the advice I can get. Its been a tough 6 months. We both have marriages to dissolve but with the push/pull of the twin relationship, and ascension clearing us all out, this is tough to deal with all of the emotions and find balance.

      • well.. sometimes we just need to wait till the time is right and then let go when the signs that it is right are there. who is to say that you don’t stand in the way of your husband’s twin flame.. ? and same for your twin flame, his wife could also have a twin flame in waiting.. or a soul mate in waiting.. if you meet up, it could mean that the time to reunite is nearing.. even though it could be 4 or 5 years away yet.. it is working towards that that matters.
        xoxoxo no rush, all in its own good time 🙂

    • agreeing with all that you say dear Dina . yes, the energy is palpable and all the work takes place in the higher dimensions any way.. up to some point at least.. however i do believe that there comes a point when the re union in the physical is a MUST in order to ascend. no rush.. it will happen when it needs to happen i am sure 🙂

  6. Dna L'Infini says:

    Oh I am referring to twins who are “together” (have MET) in the physical. Ha, not *all* the work is being done in the higher dimensions, that is why we are here in “3-d”. ❤ Twin flame relationships, as I have come to understand, are certainly not about one's ego fulfillment, oy eh! But a love-desire sooo strong can inspire great sacrifice, and we must hold balance not to lose ourselves in it. This I learned the hard way. In such cases, a twin acts as a "tempter" of sorts. Keys are: remain true to self, even when such sacrifice or compromise impels us to drop certain preferences in order to smooth out the relationship dynamics. (Of course as a Libra, this is a lesson I personally have been processing through encounter with Twin). Self-sustainence on both parts is a necessary component of "reuniting." What we have come to recognize as co-dependence is only an illusion-phase that leaves one twin overcompensating, and eventually plays itself out to purify through reclaiming of our own power (and wholeness) making sure no "blame" dynamics are in operation. On a more mundane level, the twin dynamics reflect balancing opportunities that are present in ALL relationships. (But the energies present between twins has a tremendous catalystic affect on all people in the vicinity and range of the two; the twins' interaction is so authentic that "false" or ego-based relationships of couples around the twins will be exposed

    Another key is remaining in faith, even when the illusion of separation is present. No fear!!! Try not to make decisions based on fear. The physical proximity, yes (Adeana) will cycle around again with future connection opportunities. They may sustain as friendships, even work associations, while their personal involvements, spouse and partner dynamics are being worked through ("dissolved").

    Adeana and Laura, from the moment I met my twin my life has changed. It has been years of these spiraling rhythms drawing us together and apart and back again, like a slow-motion chess-game of communication and connection. Relax, and know your own rhythms and process are exactly what they SHOULD be, moving you closer and closer to the transparency which twin connections require to be sustaining. Love, unconditional love, means wanting those we love to be happy. But it also means taking responsibility for our OWN happiness. Hope this helps. I rarely discuss this, I thank you for the discussion and sharing. Namaste~!!!

    • Adeana says:

      Thank you so incredibly much Namaste and Laura for your advice and support. Much appreciated!!!! We are a family all here for a higher purpose and I’m so glad to have others that are able to help me through this difficult process. XO

  7. Michael says:

    Very often and sometimes constantly day and night I experience loving contact and magnetic charges with my twin flame. During these magnetic charges I experience us totally as a pinkish red heart. I first met her in the spring of 2013. We have gone out socially only once. We did kiss. I have to say it was one hell of a kiss. The next day a sweetness was seeded in me.

    I am aware of her painful past so I do not attempt to overstep what I feel are her boundaries. I know she is picking her life up from the boot straps.

    In my own personal frustration I have tried to let go. When I do sure enough multidimensional activity happens and that love envelops me. Obviously my soul is in the driver’s seat.

    My question is born from the confusion I experience how my life on the physical does not go further than platonic, yet it never fails as the not platonic multidimensional experiences don’t let me forget or not care anymore. The first year I felt I was being possessed in some way. During this second year I have learned to go along with this path. But, there is such a see-saw emotionally between feeling totally loved and then sad and back again.

    As this develops I hope my confusion can subside. I understand enough all this is in God’s time and how it may manifest in the world is totally dependent on a larger plan than my ego can control or know.

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