Thank you for the Love!

10403151_1454721228106135_3816269444109832549_nJust wanted to share the joy of the glorious sunshine we have here today and to say a huge thank you for those of you who have sent me their love and gratitude for the post about Twin Flames don’t hurt one another!! it is a true gift to me that you guys are sharing you love, thoughts, gratitude and your own twin flame stories. I am very moved by your comments, PM and emails.. in some cases to tears !!   THANK YOU !!

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3 Responses to Thank you for the Love!

  1. Ascension Angels says:

    Thank you Laura… True Twin Flames can and do hurt each other… when the runner is running. My last words to mine were “I love you”. The emailed response I got was “Would you love me enough to leave me alone?”. It hurts but we have to release our Twins to clear, cleanse, find themselves and to grow. So in a way I’m really not hurting, just mastering patience being in the present moment! Much love ❤

    • yes indeed.. the running phase is painful, but it is not maliciously done at all. it is just part of the journey or test.. this is not the kind of hurt that i was speaking of at all here however 🙂 …. words.. not very efficient i guess 🙂 !

      • Ascension Angels says:

        Oops… I’m on my iphone while on my walk, and having trouble writing my response (you can delete the first 3!). Keep hitting “send” by mistake halfway through! I was just going to tell you your story was beautifully written and very efficient, wordwise! I should have been more clear in my redponse. It IS correct that Twins cannot hurt eachother in reality, since their journey is a mutual agreement! Keep inspiring with your wonderful posts Laura 🙂

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